Today, the entire world is battling the challenges posed by COVID-19. While so many of us self isolate to keep our loved ones safe, so many others are fighting at the frontlines. In difficult and unprecedented times like these, let us unite and send out positivity into the universe and get love, hope & positivity back in return. Although it is not possible to gather in one place, it is possible to come together in the virtual world.

‘Healing our Earth’ is an online session powered by DiL (the Diwali in London Committee), taking place from 12pm to 7:30pm BST on Saturday, April 11, 2020, during which the Gayatri Mantra will be recited by a group of people. The session will take place on Zoom, and will be streamed live on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

The Gayatri Mantra is a powerful, affirmative chant invoking the supreme consciousness and is addressed to the Sun and the Solar Energy (Gayatri) that sustains life on our Earth. Whoever chants this mantra is seeking Illumination of the Intellect to lead one from Darkness to Light. Gayatri is said to be the power that can destroy and overcome all sorrows, and the chanting of the mantra helps us to face the unprecedented challenges we are encountering in life and overcome adversity. It protects us from negativity, improves our health, gives us peace of mind, and purifies the atmosphere. And when multiple voices join together to chant the Gayatri Mantra, it becomes even more powerful.

The online session can be viewed by one and all on our social media channels. We will be hosting spiritual leaders, prominent personalities and members of the community from all backgrounds and walks of life. If anyone would like to be a part of the core group or volunteer for the sessions, they can get in touch with us. If someone would like to participate but is unable to do so due to time or other constraints, we can make the provision to play their pre-recorded Gayatri Mantra recitations.

Through this spiritual session, we would like to thank all those on the frontlines, other staff, and volunteers who are risking their own lives to keep us safe. We would like to pray for all those who are affected by the virus and are fighting for their lives, as well as their families. Our prayers and best wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson – we wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

Help us spread the word about our online session through your platforms to encourage participation. The only way we can get through this, is together.

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