Sunday 6th. December 2020

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Dr. Milen Shah


2:00 pm

Host Welcome

Dr. Milen Shah

Dr. Milen Shah – is a NHS doctor for many years and is a GP Partner in a large practice in London serving a variety of patients. He follows up a range of long term patients from children, teens, adults, with a particular interest in elderly and end-of-life care. From a spiritual background, the work is deemed as “seva” (service) with an emphasis on communication skills with compassion and understanding.

Dr. Dimple Arora


2.05 pm

 Dimple Duangthip Arora

Boosting adaptogenic immune response in the corona era

Dr. Dimple Duangthip Arora (M.D.A.M) is a Doctor of Natural Medicine specializing in Advanced Ayurveda from India and Diet/Nutrition from London. She is founding director of Golden Awareness Wellness Consultancy & Training in Bangkok. She also runs the online store Urban Ayurveda by Dr. Arora, which delivers chemical-free wholefood supplements and personal wellness products. She is a product innovator, writer, author and inspirational speaker. With a proven track record since 2009, Dr. Arora has helped turned around the health and inspired thousands of individuals through her clinical practice, books, social media blogs, products, TV appearances, retreats and workshops.

Her approach to health is preventive & metabolic friendly – focus on BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM in daily life via optimized functions of liver, colon, kidneys and other core organs. Boosting your adaptogenic immune response to the corona virus will be her topic – how to improve cellular communication, removal of cellular toxic debris which delay/falsify immune response, fortification with antioxidants.



Host – Dr. Milen Shah

Sara Bains


3.00 pm

Sara Bains

Wellbeing Through the Pandemic

and Lockdown

Sara is a qualified NLP Practitioner and Advanced Pranic Healing Therapist  which is currently the fastest growing Complimentary Therapy in the world . It’s a non-touch energy healing system which works by cleansing, energising and rebalancing the body and its chakras/ energy centres . She runs her healing clinic from her home in Iver and also does home and hospital visits if needed. Since 2009 she has been helping people with a range of ailments from physical challenges such as backache , arthritis , migraines to emotional issues like stress , anxiety & bereavement as well as psycholgical challenges such as addictions, depression etc. She also  runs Introduction to Pranic Healing  Seminars and Twin Hearts meditation in her local area Iver and online. She is passionate about helping people and sharing the benefits of Twin Hearts meditation and Pranic Healing  



Dr. Sheila Dobee


4.00 pm


Dr. Sheila Dobee

Dr. Sheila Dobee was born in England and moved to the USA. She is a Whole Health Dentist, humanitarian and entrepreneur. She is also a television host.
Dr. Dobee is a recipient of the ‘Bay Area’s Outstanding Woman of the year’ award. She has also been the recipient of the California Patient Choice award.
Dr. Dobee takes a special interest in helping the underserved children and women in her local community. On the professional front, Dr. Dobee was the Past President and Dental Health Chair of SACDS Dental Society. She is a graduate of the American Dental Association/Kellogg’s School of Management Institute for diversity in leadership. Her current passion is with working with #kind20

 Prof. Amit Agrawal


4.00 pm

 Professor Amit Agrawal

Understanding  transmission of coronavirus through surfaces and air

Professor Amit Agrawal is an Institute Chair Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of technology, India. He works in the fields of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer using experimental, theoretical and simulations tools. His group’s research has been published in over 125 journal articles. The work has appeared on the cover page of prestigious journals such as the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and highlighted in the media.

Professor Agrawal’s recent publications have focused on the influence of respiratory droplets on Covid-19 transmission, and the mechanisms of reducing Covid-19 through cough clouds in closed spaces. He serves as the Editor of Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science and Sadhana. He is also an Editorial Board Member of Nature Scientific Reports.

Host – Dr. Sheila Dobee

Dr. Bharat Pankhania


4.40 pm

 Dr Bharat Pankhania 

               Coronavirus Updates

Dr Bharat Pankhania has widespread experience of advising on national communicable disease control action plans at national and international level.
Dr Pankhania, as a senior Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, coordinated complex and very sensitive look back exercises, where there had been laboratory errors or hospital exposure of patients to infections, these are major national exercises and very sensitive operations.
Dr Pankhania’s experience includes: Pandemic Influenza outbreak planning and major plan testing exercises: Development of a web-based surveillance system for recording the first 500 plus cases of a pandemic, to quickly understand the new virus and thus better implement control measures. He was the local Lead for Pandemic Influenza planning at Public Health England and became the reference point for outbreak planning, testing systems and control strategies.
He was immersed in and contributed to the Ebola and SARS surveillance and control methodologies, specialist screening methods at ports of entry.

Dr Bharat Pankhania (@doctorshaib) / Twitter


Host – Dr. Sheila Dobee

Dr. Nora S Vyas


5.20 pm

 Dr. Nora S Vyas

Emotional Stability during the Pandemic 

Dr Nora S Vyas is an Associate Professor of mental health, a chartered scientist and motivational speaker. She completed her PhD in psychiatry at the University of London.  She has published her research in international peer-reviewed journals, and presented at national and international conferences. In the early stages of her career, she has been the recipient of several awards in recognition of her research on schizophrenia including the US-UK Fulbright Scholar Award, Young Investigator Award by the World Congress of Biological Psychiatry, Women of the Year Award by the British Asian Achievers Award, and the Winston Churchill Fellowship, among other awards. Dr Vyas manages an Instagram account @mentalhealth_connect, which focuses on sharing motivational quotes, and inspiring the community through Instagram live events which aim to end stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness.


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Host – Conclusion 

Dr. Sheila Dobee

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