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PRESS RELEASE – 29th April 2021


A World Dance Day FREE online event will be staged by Healing Our Earth on Sunday 2nd May from 2-8pm (BST) to celebrate International Dance Day, which is honoured by people from around the world annually on 29th April. The event aims to spread some positive energy during these challenging covid times, by sharing some healing, joy and creativity that can be enjoyed and experienced through dance.

The incredible line-up includes National and International dance experts coming together to educate and entertain the audiences on a wide range of interesting topics. The full online Programme will take audiences on a journey from UK to India, Belgium to New York and Malaysia to Colorado and many more corners of the world to speak to professionals working within the field of dance. The programme line-up includes online workshops, presentations, demonstrations, and inspiring interviews about dance from around the world.

The show will be hosted by Dr Honey Kalaria and full Programme line up can be found on the Healing Our Earth website and will include:

· Sayoni Dey (Belgium) – A Mythological Journey Through Bharat Natyam

· Suhani Dhanki (UK) – World Peace Through Indian Classical Dance

· Nina Darmeci Kotecha (UK) – Bollywood Dance For All

· Angelique Parvez (UK) – Dance To Inspire With Fusion Dance

· Sam Kumar (India) – Environmental Dance – A Photography Book

· Emma Levene (UK) – Contemporary Dance & Ballet Fusion

· Neha Sachin (UK) – Colourful Folk Dances Of India

· Sharron Rose(USA) – Scholar, Researcher & Film Maker

· Dame Rev. Dr. Wai Ching Lee (Malaysia) – Healing Through TranscenDance

· Maida Withers (USA) – Dance: Passion & Technology

· Shine Krishna (India) – The Art Of Puppet Dance

· Ramzi (USA) – Sufi & Middle Eastern Dance

· Ragasudha Vinjamuri (UK) – Rich & Diverse Tribal Dances of India

· Jesse Manno (USA) – Power Of Multi-Cultural Dance Music

· Jill Bittinger (USA) – Dance Education for Children

· Dr Honey Kalaria (UK) – Transforming Lives Through Dance

“Our aim is to promote happier, peaceful, healthier and inspired global communities by delivering FREE multi-cultural, online education and entertainment”, said Nil Kumar, Producer, Director and Founder of Healing Our Earth.

“This event can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds as dance has no language nor cultural barriers. The jam-packed show will be a treat for those who enjoy dance, want to gain performing arts knowledge or are working within the creative industry. It’s also such a wonderful way to collectively celebrate World Dance Day,” said Programme Director of Healing Our Earth, Dr Honey Kalaria, an established professional artiste and world class dance industry impresario.”

“In the ancient cultures of India, Egypt, Tibet, China, Africa and many others, the study and practice of dance was intimately linked with the revelation and transmission of great spiritual truths. Another intention of this event is to bring a taste of the beauty of this ancient, timeless wisdom to contemporary audiences”, shared guest and co-host, Sharron Rose, a spiritual scholar, researcher and dance professional from Colorado, USA.

All the participants, contributors, facilitators, guests, and the entire Healing Our Earth team are working on a purely voluntary basis to provide their time, effort, and service. Their aim is to bring love, peace, and joy to multicultural audiences throughout the challenging times of covid, by delivering a wide range of FREE events to support health and wellness on all levels.

Don’t miss watching this amazing FREE multicultural online show held live from 2-8pm (BST) on Sunday 2nd May on ENDS!

For further information – Contact: / Whats App (0044) 7712 177703 / (0044) 7850 875087


Healing Our Earth is a wonderful E-Community channel, an initiative by Nil Kumar and his team, to produce various FREE Sessions and Summits for Global Online audiences, on subjects that matter to the community – Health, Wealth and Spirituality. It allows participation at every level – from a young person to an organisation from any parts of the world – so that they can make their contribution to make the world a happier place Please see for further information and all the programmes so far.


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to race around the world causing anxieties, fear, loss, and isolation, it has become vital to optimise awareness of vital safe practices together with sources of support and information.


On Sunday 12th July 2020, launched the first of their monthly COVID-19 sessions, with an impressive line-up speakers and hosts. Recording of the entire session can be viewed at: or:



Chiropractor and opening host, Dr Lalit Sodha, welcomed speakers ;

Dr Sunil Gupta, a Consultant haemato-oncologist London, leading the clinical research division in haematology in his trust and has been principal investigator of 10 national and commercial clinical trials. Sunil is a trained and certified Yoga teacher by Patanjali Yoga Peeth.

Immunity Boosting By Healthy Living and Natural Methods to Combat Covid-19 and the Role of Nitric Oxide


Nitin (Nick) Palan MBE

Business Impact related to Covid 19 on the travel industry

Employing 230 staff, his UK Tour Operator business runs more than 60 Buses/coaches in London and carries over 1.5 million passengers a year

Tourism employs the highest number of staff in the UK and London is worlds’ 4th largest tourist destination. Nitin recommended that there are three important take away or lessons that he learnt. 1) Communicate with your staff so that there is no confusion – so regular telephone conversations and updates. (2) Remember that it is the staff that made our business and therefore treat them with total respect and as family – we provided for a food bank and looked for other job opportunities for them while they were under furlough (3) Creativity – look at other opportunities that arises in the present difficulties.


Professor Dr Tuhin Kanti Biswas – Kolkata India

Role of Ayurveda in Maintenance of Mental Health


Professor Bhik Kotecha Consultant ENT Surgeon – London UK

COVID and BAME Disproportionality

In the UK there are presently 657per million C-19 deaths in the UK. The South Asian Health Foundation have published a report on Covid 19 and BAME Dr Kotecha requests completion of Covid Survey at


Dr Mukesh Batra- India homeopath of international repute -225 clinics in 6 countries

Homeopathy and Covid

Imparted many gems of advice on optimising health and stated ‘’fast food places you on the fast lane to death’’ He is author of book called 13 steps to Bloody Good Health.

Host Dr Milen Shah –NHS doctor for many years and is a GP Partner in a large practice in London

Welcomed: –

Captain Swati Raval – Delhi India

Covid rescue and Flying Tips

Captain Swati Raval, Commander-Air India, was part of the first Rome rescue Flight which brought back 263 stranded Indians from Italy, which then was the centre of the pandemic, on 22nd March 2020. She is the first Indian female civil pilot to undertake a rescue mission during this Covid 19 pandemic. Upon her return needed to distance form her 18 month and 5-year-old children, for 14 days whilst residing in the same family home.

Comprehensive and valuable travel advice was shared by Captain Raval.


Eminent Lord Jitesh Gadhia – Member of the House of Lords, an investment banker, businessman and and a member of UK-India CEO Forum in discussion with

Dr Bharat Pankhania – Senior Clinical Lecturer and Former Consultant in Communicable Disease Control


Corona Virus Update

A valuable question and answer exchange between Lord Jitesh Gadhia and Dr Bharat Pankhania related to Covid-19


· statistics revealing UK has second highest death figure per million, which shows a high disproportionality affecting the BAME communities.

· Spread of Covid-19 occurs by infected respiratory droplets

directly reaching others in a confined space

contaminating surfaces which are then touched by others who then touch the face and aerosol type spread occurring as a result of speaking loudly etc.


Principal ways of keeping safe included

· Limiting the number of people encountered and maintaining social distance

· Maintaining hygiene

· Keeping several windows open to create a flow of air

· Washing hands every 2 hours

· Avoiding crowded places


The Purpose of masks were stated to catch infected droplets. It was advised that surgical masks should not be used. Recommendations were made to sew your own masks ensuring:

1. All materials are washable and the mask covers the mouth and nose.

2. Outer layer is a tight weave waterproof material

3. Middle layer is absorbent

4. Inner layer is absorbent

To prevent misting up of eyewear whilst wearing a mask Sellotape may be used to seal the top of the mask.

It was emphasised that it is essential to look after your own country as well as poorer countries to ensure the well-being of all.


Reflections from extended Leicestershire Lockdown

C-19 needs to be monitored like a raging fire at a local level.

Patterns of spread need to be rapidly identified locally and acted upon by scrutinising commonalities in postcodes, workplaces etc in instances of C-19 spikes.


With the easing of lockdowns, the following advice was shared relating to potential occasions for gatherings:


Aim to meet outdoors where possible

If meeting inside strictly adhere to social distancing, keep windows open and maintain safe hygiene.


Travel especially overseas was not recommended.

Influenza vaccine was recommended

For further information from Dr Pankhania follow twitter @doctorshaib


Esteemed Lord Rami Ranger CBE FRSA successful businessman who has been honoured by Her Majesty the Queen on Eight occasions and a Fellow of the Princes Trust. Lord Ranger started his

business with 2 pounds and through his sheer dedication and commitment, he now runs two of Britain’s fastest growing companies with an annual turnover in excess of £200 million. He sustains thousands of British jobs by exporting British supermarket products to over 130 countries


Economy Impact


Lord Ranger imparted valuable guidance for achieving success in times of profound changes in our lifestyle.

He urged adjustment to the new normal changes, adopting the smallest of precautions by adherence to expert official advice in order to save lives. He highlighted the need to optimise a healthy body and mind to build strength.

To achieve success Lord Ranger advised as follows:

· Uphold self-respect

· Maintain commitment

· Identify visions and goals

· Show empathy

· Try to add benefit and value to your role



Host Prash Kotecha – international Wellbeing and Mindset Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host and social media influencer, who is the Founder of Urban Spirituality, Mantra Therapy and CEO of StressToSuccess.

Welcomed :-



Beatrice is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher with an experience of over 20 years, trained under the direct guidance of her Master Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, She studied Ayurveda at the Institute of Human Sciences directly with the teacher S.V. Govindan. In 2008, she co-founded the Italian chapter of the International Association for Human Values –

She is the Director of teacher training at the Sri Sri School of Yoga Europe, training yoga teachers in Italy and Europe.

Delivered guided breathing exercises and mediation session.


Dr Rajeev Gupta – Consultant in NHS for 17 years and is Chairman of Central Specialist Advisory Committee of The Royal College in London. Swami Ramdev ji to lead medical advisory committee and actively help integrating yoga into medical practice in UK. He has set up teaching Yoga to doctors.

Yoga benefit for Health and Corona Control

The medical benefits of regular practice of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation were shared.


Dr Melissa Kapoor – PhD from University of Oxford in Statistics applied to medical imaging. She now has an award-winning company developing novel technologies to help reduce incidence of dementia.


How Hindu Philosophy Strengthens Mental Health

Dr Melissa shared gems of ancient Vedic knowledge, which optimise mental health and well-being, including during the COVID-19 lockdown. Twitter @English_bahen.


Jiten Patel – in UK and internationally, helping clients with consciously inclusive leadership, and developing organizationally inclusive culture/change

Coming out of Lockdown

Shared poetry and thoughts on coping with lockdown.

Jitens’ first book, Demystifying Diversity (co-authored by Gamiel Yafai), second edition specifically dealing with the impact of the Covid19 related lockdown will launch on 21st July 2020.


Producer and Director – Nil Kumar

Technical Director – Nishit Kotak

Host Team – Dr Lalit Sodha, Dr Milen Shah, Prash Kotecha

Media Team –Varsha Mistry, Kesh Morjaria, Anita Nomula,

Back Up Team – Sarita Menon, Mallesh Kota, Deepa Vitlhani, Jayshree Chaudhary, Simran Ahuja, Pehrr Ram, Renu Gidoomal and Rajesh Kr Singh. Recording of the entire session can be viewed at: or:

We will share updates of the latest information available and share as many tips on as many impacts that we can cover with the following future dates for FREE online sessions of :



9th August

6th September

4th October

1st Nov

6th December

All above are Sundays 12 noon till 7 pm For further details and information about other sessions please see our website .

For all Media enquiries:

Please contact us on how you can support this global initiative for healing our earth.

Healing Our Earth’s Session on Well-Being and Wellness

As part of the series conducted for global audiences to cope with the Corona crisis. yet another interesting session was organised by Healing Our Earth team on Sunday, 14 June, focussing on Well-Being and Wellness…a report by Ragasudha Vinjamuri

Read Full Article Online

For all Media enquiries:

Please contact us on how you can support this global initiative for healing our earth.

Pure Thoughts Pure Melody entralls global audiences

Hosted by Sarita Menon, Deepa Vithalani, Prash Kotecha and Simran Ahuja, the four and half of hour session had some mind-blowing presentations by leading names in music and chanting…a report by Ragasudha Vinjamuri

Read Full Article Online

For all Media enquiries:

Please contact us on how you can support this global initiative for healing our earth.

‘Healing Our Earth’ – Pure Thought, Pure Melodies

Chant Share Sing

Healing our Earth brings FREE Global Online Interactive Session from 1.30 pm  to 6.00 pm BST on Sunday, 7th June 2020.

We have all been affected by COVID-19, be it economic instability, social distancing, mentally or physically. One of the things that we can do in this state of unrest, is to send a positive message to the universe.

For all Media enquiries:

Please contact us on how you can support this global initiative for healing our earth.

‘Healing Our Earth’ – a spiritual initiative to curtail the harmful effects of the Coronavirus

‘Healing our Earth’ was online (virtual meeting) from 12’Noon to 7.30 pm BST on Saturday, 11th April 2020, powered by DiL.

We have all been affected by COVID-19, be it economic instability, social distancing, mentally or physically. One of the things that we can do in this state of unrest, is to send a positive message to the universe

“I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative”, said Michael Losier

The Gayatri mantra is one such powerful affirmative chanting that protects us from negativity, improves our health, gives us peace of mind, and purifies the atmosphere

Join the effort to propagate positivity in the universe together with love, hope, and healing.

We warmly welcome essential support from you, our people, who we are chanting for, as well as diverse spiritual leaders, known personalities & volunteers. People from all over the world, from diverse communities, are invited to join this inclusive effort.

Our facility to play pre-recorded Gayatri mantra recitations will be available if you’d like to support but cannot attend


We extended our heartfelt appreciation to all the selfless people from different fields, who are continually placing themselves at personal risk to save lives.

We would like to pray for all the people around the world who are affected by the virus and are fighting for their lives.


We extend our best wishes and prayers to Prime Minister Mr.Boris Johnson and wish him a full and speedy recovery

For all Media enquiries:

Please contact us on how you can support this global initiative for healing our earth.

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