Sunday 3rd October 2021

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East Africa 4 pm till 9 pm EAT

Mauritius  5 pm till 10 pm MST

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Hong Kong  9 pm till 2 am HKST

(All times are in BST(British Summer Time))

Seema Bhatia


2.00 pm

Host Introduction 

Seema Bhatia

Seema was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her culinary interests developed at an early age founded on a family food business. Extensive travel in Africa, India and Southeast Asia have allowed her not only tofollow her culinary passion and grow her knowledge on the effects of food on the mind and body, but also explore several yogic schools of thought.

As a breath, Water & Sound teacher with the esteemed Art of Living School Of thought her philosophy is simple – you are what you eat, you become what you do, feel, and think. Watching your thought process, immense self-care prescriptions, breath work, meditation and connecting with the realms of nature are the best tools to positively impact your mental and physical health. Combining all these techniques into a whole will lead one onto a journey of greater wellbeing, allowing one to live their life to their fullest potential. Seema has successfully shared her skills and knowledge with corporates and individuals over many years in Hong Kong and Singapore and is now based in Oxford.

Niharika Yadav


2.05 pm

Niharika Yadav

Resilience and making an impact during Pandemic

Niharika was graduated from Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, India and Business Management Post Graduate Diploma from Fore School of Management, New Delhi. She was appointed to become the President Director of AXA Financial Indonesia since April 30th, 2019.

Niharika is responsible in leading AXA Financial Indonesia to have professional and sustainable sales forces via agency and direct marketing channel.

She has more than 9 years’ experience in insurance and sales distribution at AXA Regional. She also has several professional certificate and awards during her tenure at AXA Regional such as AXA Pride Award from CEO AXA India and AXA Switch Award from CEO AXA Asia.

 In 2020, she has won several awards such as:

  1. The Best CEO. Employee’s Choice Award 2020 category Life Insurance with 5-10 T Asset dari The Iconomics
  2. BEST INSPIRING & CREATIVITY WOMEN AWARD 2020” from Majalah Penghargaan Indonesia
  3. MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN AWARD 2020 for category “Most Innovative Women in Business 2020” that presented by National Award Foundation
  4. Best CEO 2020 for Increasing Insurance Literacy and Awareness by Warta Ekonomi

 In 2021, she has won several awards such as:

  1. Inspirative Women Leader for Product Range Development to Increase Insurance Awareness (category: Life Insurance) from Her Story (Warta Ekonomi Group)
  2. Indonesia Best CEO Awards “Employees’ Choice” 2021 (category: Life Insurance above 5 Trillion IDR) from Iconomics
  3. Niharika Yadav – Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2021 (category: Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives) from MORS Group

Louise Corbett


3.00 pm

Louise Corbett

Being fearlessly YOU!

Louise is the CEO and Founder of Exceptional Existence. Originally from Australia, Louise has lived/worked in Italy, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. After 15 years in the Corporate world, she set up her own business. Through ‘Exceptional Existence’ Louise works with individuals & organisations in two main areas – Communications & Coaching. From working with corporate leaders & individual entrepreneurs to help them identify their message, build their brand & take themselves out to the world (in a dynamic way) to coaching individuals & corporates on living their very best lives. Louise is also a certified Intuitive Guide, a Reiki Healer, an Aromatherapist and a Raw Food Chef.
In this session, Louise will talk about the importance of and barriers people often face in finding their authentic selves, tactics to get more into touch with who YOU are and how to take YOU more out into the world.

Dr Honey Kalaria


4.00 pm


 Dr Honey Kalaria

Dr Honey Kalaria is a mind body soul coach and an award-winning creative dance expert with over 35 years of experience in the field of art, culture & entertainment. 

Born into a Hindu family, Honey was guided by her mother to start reciting mantras and prayers from the age of 3. Her father has also been regularly reciting the Hanuman Chalisa for many years. In her spiritual quest and journey, Honey has been blessed to have travelled to India to not only learn  Indian Classical dance but also to study how to conduct yagnas (fire ceremonies) by reciting powerful mantras. She got an opportunity to get educated on the science behind these powerful prayers, how they cleanse and purify ones aura, spread peace and offer positive benefits to the environment.

Pinky Ghelani


4.00 pm

Pinky Ghelani


5.00 pm


6.00 pm

Sharron Rose 


5.45 pm

Sharron Rose

Sharron Rose, MA, Ed, winner of the Filmmaker of the Year Award from the 20th World Congress on Qigong, Tai Chi TCM, Daoism and Natural Healing, is the director/ producer of the forthcoming documentary series, Quantum Qi: The Taoist Art of Nurturing Life. 
As a recipient of a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship and grant from the American Institute of Indian Studies to conduct extensive research into the art, culture and spiritual traditions of North India, she became the first American disciple of Kathak Queen and early Bollywood star, Sitara Devi.
Sharron has lectured, performed and presented her films in numerous universities, spiritual centers, cultural organizations and museums and was a consultant to the National Endowment for the Arts. She is the author of The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine. and is currently completing a cd, The Nectar of Bliss dedicated to the healing power of the Divine Feminine in cultures throughout the world. 



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