International Yoga Day Special 

Sunday 25th June 2023

2.00 pm  BST (British Summer Time)

(All times are in BST)

Dr Amrita Sharma


2.00 pm

Introduction Host

Dr Amrita Sharma

Dr Amrita sharma is an Ayurvedic Physician, life style counselor, mental well being consultant, holistic healer and yoga physiologist. She has her master’s degree in Herbal pharmacology and Business administration in human resources.  Her keen interest in life sciences, yoga and environmental sciences made her combine the knowledge for the wellbeing of people. 
Dr Shama  has published several articles in holistic health magazines, research papers and contributed chapters in book on integrated health. She is a passionate environmentalist, diligent social worker and works for women empowerment through medical camps,community service programs,radio talks and shows. 
She believes “Service to Mankind is the highest dharma (righteous duty)”.

Jaya Khanchandani


2.00 pm

Jaya Khanchandani

Fitness and Nutrition 

When Jaya first began her adventure with fitness she was a typical bored middle age (39) homemaker. Colas and bread were her mains. She decided to change and immersed herself in a new lifestyle and has never regretted it! It took her years to learn – unlearn – learn, and the process still continues.
It’s Jaya’s mission, her passion, her calling to find happiness by helping people lead a pain-free life. Jaya will coach you about the importance of eating right, moving well, sleeping well and feeling great!
Jaya has Trained in Yoga (350 hrs) Functional Fitness, Nutrition, Animal Movement, Prehab & Rehab. She’s been a coach since 15 exciting years!

Reema Jadeja


3.00 pm

Reema Jadeja

Pranayam aspects of Yoga 

Reema is a track II diplomacy professional with over a decade’s experience working in academia, Arts, and philanthropy across continents. She is a Fellow at UCL’s Institute for Strategy, Resilience and Security (ISRS) since 2011; and in early 2022 was appointed a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) for her contribution to the Arts and third sector.
She began her spiritual sadhana at the age of four under the guidance of her guru and grandfather. She has been a practitioner of Kriya and Ashtanga yoga for three decades, learning Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in India. She is a life member of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)

Lama Tantrapa


3.30 pm

Master Lama Tantrapa

 Dream Yoga

Lama Somananda Tantrapa is the holder of the lineage of Qi Dao, also known as Tibetan Shamanic Qigong, which has been fostered in his clan for 27 generations since 1224 AD. His unique background is complex enough to include several near-death experiences, black belt in Aikido, and ordination as a Tibetan lama. He has over 30 years of experience in Qi Dao and other Energy Arts taught by his Grandfather who was the last Grand Master of this unique style of form-free Qigong.

Lama Tantrapa’s coaching has inspired many professional athletes, speakers, dancers, singers, writers and actors to open up to the infinite source of intuition that exists within everyone. He is the founder of Academy of Qi Dao – the first and only School of Qigong Coaching in the world. 

Visit, to sign up for online programs:

Riddhi Vyas


4.00 pm


Riddhi Vyas

Riddhi qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher at the Sivananda Vedantic centre and has since developed a passion for yoga, philosophy, and psychology. She further trained as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and was fascinated by how teachings from Vedic scriptures and pranayama have influenced western psychology.
She regularly shares her wellness knowledge and practical experience with professionals of all ages and backgrounds providing strategies for emotional resilience, by boosting their natural happiness levels and guiding her clients to be deeply energised and relaxed for better work life balance.
Riddhi has also spoken at the British Parliament, Ministry of Defence, corporate law firms, as well as various radio stations and various universities across the UK with the single aim to rise as conscious leaders

Digant Dash


4.00 pm

Digant Ranjan Dash 

Yoga for Happiness 

Digant completed his masters in yoga at SVYASA Bangalore where he wrote a thesis on the effect of light meditation. He then continued to study his PhD and is a trained yoga teacher. Digant currently teaches at Yogkulum.




Dr Neha Sharma


5.00 pm

Dr Neha Sharma 

Trauma Informed Yoga 

Dr Neha Sharma, clinical research scientist is working with leading health care organisations including World Health Organisation (WHO), National Institute of Health (NIH; USA), National Health Services (NHS; UK), United Nations (UN). She’s led global mental health campaigns in many countries.


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