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Children’s Variety Show

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Sunday 28th February  2021

U.K 2.00 pm  till 7.00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

U.S.A 6.00 am till 11.00 am PST

East Africa 5.00 pm till 10.00 pm EAT

India 7.30 pm till 12.30 am

Thailand 9.00 pm till 2.00 am IndoChina Time

(All times are in BST, British Summer Time)

Deepa & Siya

2.00 pm

Host Introduction

Deepa and Siya Vithlani

Deepa Vithlani, primary school teacher and entrepreneur has been teaching in Brent Primary schools since 2006. Her linguistic background includes French, German and Italian. In addition to teaching she has a part time business committed to helping families save money, which she works around while taking care of her two young children.
Deepa embarked on a holistic and spiritually journey 15 years ago when she experienced the incredible benefits of Reiki healing. She was inspired to worked on her personal development and is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.  

Siya Vithlani has a flair for the Arts and also incorporates prayer, meditation, crystals and affirmations in her daily life.

Meena Trivedy 


2.05 pm

Meena Trivedy 


Meena is a singer, performer and music teacher. She is trained in Indian classical music and specialises in Bollywood songs, bhajans, ghazals, raas & garba and of course classical music.

Meena has performed in various prestigious events and venues including Trafalgar Square, London. 

2.10 pm

Children Singing






2.30 pm

Cooking by Children




Dr Honey Kalaria

3.00 pm


Dr Honey Kalaria

Dr Honey Kalaria is a mind body soul coach and an award-winning creative dance expert with over 35 years of experience in the field of art, culture & entertainment. Honey is also a media presenter, has appeared on numerous television programs, choreographed for films, works with celebrities and offers coaching to global audiences to help develop performing arts careers, together with providing education through a powerful combination of personal development, creativity and spiritual wisdom.

Himanshu Singla


3.05 pm

Himanshu Singla

Outstanding Parenting using

Science of Dermatoglyphics

Himanshu is bachelors in Electronics Communication from Nagpur University. He also holds diploma degree in E-Commerce. He has been researching about this research since last 6 years along with his 18 years of experience in managing businesses in India and Abroad.During his journey he was so much inclined towards behaviour and psychology of children, individuals and parents and the call to change the society for the better was so overwhelming that he registered Brainoroma
His mantra for life is live with your passion.

Angelique Parvez


Angelique Parvez


Angelique runs D-Style Dance, an award-winning Bollywood dance company for kids adults and ladies in the Uk. Students learn, perform (even in lockdown), and they can opt for recognised Bollywood grade exams too.

D-Style Dance has been running since 2012 and even during the lockdown continues to keep students healthy and happy. Angelique is offering free Zumba and Bollywood fitness classes for mums to keep fit. Find out more about her work at …

Lucy Chipeta


Lucy Chipeta

“Every Child Matters”

Lucy Chipeta Malitowe is the Chief Executive of the Home of Hope and a Member of Women’s Guild. Home of Hope is a Charitable Institution based in Malawi, Africa, which gives free education and all basic needs to orphans and vulnerable children through help from friends, well – wishers and donors.

Her father, Rev T. J. Chipeta, now 92 years is the founder, and had a vision of setting up the charity as he had lost both his parents whilst he was a young teenager, and went through all the hardships an orphan would go through. The Charitable institution started with its first donation of $6 and 20 children in 1998, and at present has 734 orphans registered.

Their goal is to build their own fully functional Vocational Training Centre to offer education with the aim of helping each child to live a more independent life. The charity works with government teachers provided by the Ministry of Education and also Clinicians provided by the Ministry of Health.

Saivani Samboo


4.00 pm


Saivani Shankar Samboo

Saivani, a young lady in her 20s, is a child psychologist, using music therapy as a method of counselling.

She is also the Director of EHV S.T.A.R. Academy, where EHV stands for Education in Human Values and S.T.A.R. means Student Training in Attitude and Responsibility 
Having formed her team, Saivani is the founder as well as lead singer of The Swaraagini Spiritual Orchestra, promoting values, culture, tradition and aspiration through music.

4.05 pm

# Psychological aspect for the family, Musically
# Song by child Shanaya Roopun.
# Pedagogical Aspect by Mrs Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo – MSK
Director of Indian Ocean Centre for Education in Human Values 
# Poem/Song by Child Tejas Rai Gunputh
# Meditation & Relaxation for the Family Harmony by Miss Saiksha Shankar Samboo – Director of Beyond Excellence Beyond Grace Meditation Centre 
 # Song for Kids by Saivani

Sarita Menon


5.00 pm


Sarita Menon

Sarita is the Managing Director of Inndus, a printing company based in Elstree. Prior to that, she ran a training business which followed a career in the travel sector. 

Sarita is a NLP Master Practitioner & started her spiritual journey several years ago when she joined the Art of living foundation (AOL) & is now an AOL teacher who conducts various wellbeing  courses including breathing techniques, meditation & yoga.

Website: www.inndus.co.uk

Bhavini Makwana


5.05 pm

Bhavini Makwana 

in conversation with

Dr Honey Kalaria

Raising children whilst managing Sight loss 

Bhavini is a former Activities Coordinator for East London Vision and since January 2019, is now the Engagement Manager for London Vision, a newly formed charity supporting Blind and Partially sighted people across the capital. She was registered with Retinitis Pigmentosa at 17 years old and only received her first piece of support at aged 31.
In her spare time, Bhavini runs workshops to empower other vision impaired people, raises awareness of sight loss in the Asian community and writes Blogs to share her experiences of being Blind, a Guide Dog owner and how she has come to accept her sight loss. Bhavini became the Chair of the BAME Vision Committee and now presents her weekly live chat show on BHF Radio.
Her motto in life is – You do not need to have sight, to have a vision. So find your vision and be the best you can be!

Hansa Pankhania


5.30 pm

Hansa Pankhania

Children’s  Story Telling –

Helping them to be Calm and Clever

Hansa is passionate about introducing children to the uses of mindfulness and relaxation at an early age, to aid their future mental health. The aim is that the child will learn to integrate this way of helping to alleviate stress, making this a spontaneous response to difficult situations.
Her series of Chakraji books introduces a range of different mindfulness-based breathing, relaxation and positive affirmation techniques, to enable children to build a repertoire of coping skills and helping children to build resilience using natural interventions.
The techniques are equally helpful for parents and the parents are encouraged to practice with the child.
This children’s book is the tale of a young boy’s journey to meet the magical Chakraji who becomes the child’s best friend and guides and helps the child to overcome a difficult situation.

Hansa is very excited to her book Chakraji and Callum to all

Varsha Mistry


6.00 pm


Varsha Mistry 

Varsha Kumari Mistry has worked as a Forensic Practitioner with the Metropolitan Police Service in London for over 34 years. She became the First Female Indian Fingerprint Expert and also the first female Indian Crime Scene Examiner. Her work involves examining homicide, serous crime scenes, vehicles and exhibits in a forensic laboratory for evidence recovery purposes. She presents forensic evidence in court. She has received several professional commendations.
Varsha was the first female Chairperson of the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association serving for two terms. She is now the current deputy chairperson for the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association, which involves voluntarily offering support to the membership, Met Police Service and communities of London. She is involved in welfare support of colleagues and promoting well-being. As a proud mother of three children, spirituality and well-being are very much at the heart of both her family and professional life for bringing out the best in all.


6.05 pm


 Giving Back

Mrs. Rajni Sriram is the CEO and Co-founder of a London based children’s charity called Wings of Hope. The Charity was set up over 17 years ago to give the gift of Free Education to poor and orphaned children in India and Malawi. To augment the educational link with the children abroad Rajni runs a very successful programme here in the UK, targeting Secondary school students to pay forward their talents, skills and compassion.
Rajni and some of the children from the supported school in Chennai and children participating in the program from UK will be offering a variety of presentations.

6.15 pm

Saurav Bellary


Vinti & Navya


What is EnthuZiastic and why Grand Parents are so special!!

EnthuZiastic is Community Driven platform for EnthuZiastic people who are passionate to learn and share new skills every day. We believe everyone has unique skills and should get an avenue to share with the whole world.
EnthuZiastic has various clubs like meditation, wellness, fitness, spiritual, cooking, gardening, chess, lego, art, etc. Our vision is to make this world a beautiful place to live where everyone loves and supports each other.
 For more information about courses and clubs, check out our website www.enthuziastic.com

6.30 pm

Cooking by Children

Suhaas Sabbella 

Neha Sabbella

Healthy Vegan Sandwich and Oat Fruit Pancakes

Thank You

7:00 pm


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Healing Our Earth

7:00 pm

Conclusion by Host 

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