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Sunday 28th June 2020

11.00 am – 6.00 pm BST

(British Summer Time)


Sai School of Harrow, Dr Sheila Dobee, Jayshree Chaudhary,

     Rajni Sriram, Pehrr Ram 

(All times are in BST, British Summer Time)

Deepa & Siya

11:00 am

Host Introduction

Deepa and Siya Vithlani

Deepa Vithlani, primary school teacher and entrepreneur has been teaching in Brent Primary schools since 2006. Her linguistic background includes French, German and Italian. In addition to teaching she has a part time business committed to helping families save money, which she works around while taking care of her two young children.
Deepa embarked on a holistic and spiritually journey 15 years ago when she experienced the incredible benefits of Reiki healing. She was inspired to worked on her personal development and is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.  

Siya Vithlani has a flair for the Arts and also incorporates prayer, meditation, crystals and affirmations in her daily life.

Sai School of Harrow (U.K)

11:05 am


Movers and Shakers of our World

Movers and Shakers are the Change Makers who have challenged themselves and achieved excellence by leading a Nation through various achievements: Scientific, Sports, Community or Environment. Sai School pupils will speak about their role models, for example: Sir David Attenborough, Mother Teresa, Roger Federer, Oprah Winfrey and a few more!

Kavyasree Aggarwal – Inspiring Yoga demonstration

Smitty Hindocha – Entertaining the young and young-at-heart with a Gujarati Nursery Rhyme

Pranavi and Lavan – Sublime musical performance by the talented sister and brother duo on the Veena and Tabla

11:30 am

Hosts – Deepa and Siya Vithlani 

11:35 am


Jenisha Patel (U.K) – Dance – Performing  Natesha Kautvam- praises to Lord Shiva- Nataraja.
Jesnisha started learning  Bharatnatyam since she was 3 years old. She is learning Bharatnatyam from her mother Neha Patel. Following mother’s footsteps she is also learning Folk dances and already mastered the Garba- gujarati folk dancing. 

Siddharth Boya (U.K) –  Singing  a bhajan Rama Namo for the viewers of Healing Our Earth.

Siddharth is a student of Swaravillu studying year 5 in London. Siddharth is learning music from his Guru, Veena Pani Kona director of Swaravillu, since 2 years. He has a passion for fine arts like singing, playing piano and drums and participated in several cultural events on stage. 

Aadhya Maddula (U.K) – Singing.

Aadhya is a student of Swaravillu. Presently  studying at Avanti Court Primary School(London). She is learning Carnatic Music since 3 years. Aadhya enjoys Swimming, Cycling and making Origami in her free time.

Ayati Reddy-Rao (U.K) – Poem and Singing

Ayati is a student of Swaravillu. She is learning music from her Guru, Veena Pani Kona director of Swaravillu, since 3 years. She is an aspiring classical singer, enjoys Bollywood dancing and  badminton in which she has  won medals. Ayati assimilates her ideas in writing small skits, stories and poems. 

12:00 noon

Host – Deepa and Siya Vithlani

12:05 pm


Suvashrita Mohapatra (Orissa) Odissi Dance – A bright young talent, Suvashrita is an international Odissi dancer. Having performed professionally on many national and international stages and festivals, Suvshrita has also been honoured with numerous prestigious awardsSuvashrita lives her passion of dance daily and loves to share her rich East Indian culture and traditions with others. Today, she will be explaining the fundamentals of Odissi dance with a perfromance.

 Swara Pandya (Gujarat) Environmentalist – Swara is a part of a growing groundswell of young environmentalists who are helping to alter peer perception about caring for the Earth.  Swara will be sharing her involvement with KEDI (Kids for Environmental Development Initiatives). Being a keen Nature lover, Swara has been passionately initiating knowledge and awareness of the environment in school and society.

 Sanskriti Kamble  (Maharashtra) – Poet – A healthy body and a healthy mind creates strong positive citizens.  Combining these two laudable assets is Sanskriti, a young poet who loves of Athletics and is a keen writer.  Today, she will be sharing with us her creativity and philosophy through her poem on “Life”.


12:30 pm

Host – Renu Gidoomal

A Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist, Recording Artist and Producer. Since 1985 Renu has performed over 1,000 International Concerts in over 25 countries including Canada, the Czech Republic, Gibraltar, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Latvia, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, the British Virgin Islands, Thailand, UAE, UK and USA. Renu promotes Unity in Diversity through her music and has released 8 solo albums in a variety of languages singing in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Sindhi and Spanish.

FB: renugidoomalofficial

Instagram: renugidoomalofficial

YouTube: Renu Gidoomal

12:35 pm


Sara Chokshi (Gujarat) – Public Speaker (Animal Activist) – ‘Power of One’. Sara Choksi is a fearless fighter when it comes to demonstrating compassion for the voiceless and the helpless.  She rushes to rescue animals who have been neglected and in distress. Articulate and passionate about Nature, Sara is a great communicator about what we can do to help, presenting her ideas with flair.


Anirban Roy (Kolkata) Flautist – Types of Flutes and playing the Flute. A wonder child, master flautist and a space scientist in mind.

Anirban started learning the Indian flute from his father when he was four and a half years old. Progressing very quickly, Anirban gave his first public performance at the age of five years old and since that time has not looked back, performing internationally and winning many accolades and prestigious awards. Anirban spends hours practising every day, as well as attending to his schoolwork.  He recently played on the same dias with legendary artistes Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Niladri Kumar and Kaushiki Chakraborty, where Anirban was also given the acclaimed Nada Brahma award. To unwind, Anirban loves chess and making spaceships!


Kshitija Kamble (Gujarat) – Healthy Diet Cook – A young chef, Kshitija not only loves cooking, but enjoys preparing meals that are delicious and healthy. She finds true life stories very inspiring and this energizes her work and all the positivity that goes into her food.

Her popular YouTube channel “Cooking with Kshitija” has healthy recipes for all age groups.  Kshitija also enjoys playing guitar and the keyboard, likes sports, and writes poems occasionally on Life.

1:00 pm

Host – Renu Gidoomal 

Sai School of Harrow (U.K)

1:05 pm


Movers and Shakers of our World

Movers and Shakers are the Change Makers who have challenged themselves and achieved excellence by leading a Nation through various achievements: Scientific, Sports, Community or Environment. Sai School pupils will speak about their role models, for example: Sir David Attenborough, Mother Teresa, Roger Federer, Oprah Winfrey and a few more!


Sajni DesaiPrepare to be enthralled by a wonderfully elegant performance of Kathak dancing by Sajni.

 Natasha Yadave – A young mum  talks to us about Healthy eating and weaning young babies and toddlers.

Amar Chotai – Amar Chotai started studying at the Sai School of Harrow when he was four years old. While he was there Amar enjoyed learning to sing bhajans and songs on Human Values.  Fast forward and Amar is a respected Interventional Neuroradiology Fellow and also a professional musician and recording artist.

1:30 pm

Host – Renu Gidoomal 

1:35 pm


 Maitri Roy (Kolkata) – Classical Singer – Fluent in Japanese and happiest when she is roller-skating, Maitri Roy is an aspiring classical singer, learning music from the tender age of two years old, with her teacher being her mother and acclaimed Bengali singer, Smt Chaitali Roy.Maitri has performed in many prestigious music festivals in India and has been the recipient of an Award of Excellence in music from The Telegraph.

Isha Shah (Gujarat) – Wordsmith –  Autobiography of Planet Earth.

Isha’s love of reading fiction, non-fiction, self-help and classics has helped to hone her chosen craft of writing. Her passion is to write poems, stories and plays from a different perspective. She has won numerous awards in various subjects: elocution and recitation; story telling; spelling bee and even math quizzes!

Ishwar Sharma (U.K) – Yoga demonstration for children

Ishwar Sharma is a Yoga Prodigy and an International performer and International Speaker on Yoga and its benefits. He has won world yoga championships 3 times in Nepal, Canada and Bulgaria. He has been awarded Global child prodigy award 2020 and , British Indian of the year 2018. British Government has honoured him with British youth Citizen award. 

2:00 pm

Host – Renu Gidoomal 

Dr. Etel Behmuaras

2:05 pm

Dr. Etel Behmuaras

 Parenting through Covid 19  and how to ease our children’s anxiety

Etel is a Clinical Psychologist who is registered with the Health Care and Professional Council (HCPC) as well as the British Psychological Society.

Etel runs her private practice, working with children (0-12 years old) and their parents on emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, family dynamics, divorce, boundaries, terrible 2’s, aggression, sleeping and eating problems.

Etel undertakes both assessment and ongoing Psychotherapy with children and their parents. Etel also runs Psychoeducational workshops about parenting skills in small groups, various schools and organizations.

 For further information please refer to www.etelbehmuaras.com.

2:30 pm

Host – Renu Gidoomal 

Sai School of Harrow (U.K)

2:35 pm


Movers and Shakers of our World

Movers and Shakers are the Change Makers who have challenged themselves and achieved excellence by leading a Nation through various achievements: Scientific, Sports, Community or Environment. Sai School pupils will speak about their role models, for example: Sir David Attenborough, Mother Teresa, Roger Federer, Oprah Winfrey and a few more!

Prema Velji – Reads a beautiful poem, based on the education system in the U.K, she has written for everyone.

Anush Hydros – Anush is a young singer and violinist who was twice featured on BBC1’s  Michael McIntyre’s Big Show first as the Unexpected Star in 2017 and again in January 2019 as part of “Motown the Musical”. He starred as Young Michael Jackson in “Motown the Musical” in London’s theatreland in the West End in 2018 and was also featured on Children’s BBC “Newsround”. In March 2020, at the height of the national lockdown, a song he did with his sister for his neighbours as part of their #DoorStepSeries went viral grossing over 3.5 million views on Facebook.

Arush and Megan Tandon – Two very young and talented authors will be sharing a short story with us

Nitu and Nikita Daswani – Twins, Nitu and Nikita end this session with a beautiful song

Pehrr Ram

3:00 pm

Host – Pehrr Ram 

Pehrr is a 16 year old professionally trained Pianist, Singer, Actor, Choreographer, Various Art Form Dancer in Bharatnatyam, Ballet and Tap. She has completed her training achieving highest grades with RAD, ISTD, LAMDA, IDTA, and ABRSM examination bodies. She has already won various accolades through her dance, singing , and piano performances at prestigious venues.

In 2019, Pehrr not only walked away as the winner of Miss Teen Earth United Kingdom and Northern Ireland but was also awarded Hair and Beauty Award as well. She has performed at National Theatre in Behind the Beautiful forevers with Meera Syal and BBC TV series – “Press”, to name a few. She is the Artistic Director of Pehzart and has also co-founded a small charity, Eyebless, based in India (helps to cure newborn babies from blindness). She has also supported Cancer Research UK, Greenfingers’s Charity. She is currently raising funds for MIND, RMBF through her dance and music sessions.
Pehrr has produced the next two blocks of Talent today.
YT Pehzart 

3:05 pm


Steven Kumaradas (UK) – Flautist – Musician, plays the Flute, Guitar and Miruthangam. The flute is his favourite and he has been learning it for 3 years. He studies in the Haberdashers Aske’s boys’ school in Hertfordshire, UK, and is extremely talented in music. His hobbies include sport activities especially football, and tennis.

Saksh Jethani (India) – Dancer – An innovator who is a black belt in taekwondo and a dancer at 11 years of age, aspiring to become a nature friendly boy. Saksh is a young kid with dreams of a safer world in his eyes. He loves to make and create new things and that has drawn him to coding. In his free time, he enjoys cricket, chess, and general knowledge.

Daksh Jethani (India) – Dancer – Coming up with new ideas, with new problems and solutions is what Daksh, a full 5-year-old young boy, can be described as. At this point in time he truly lives and lets others live. He aspires to become an Aquaman and save aquatic life and their creatures.

Sarth Buch (India) – Singer – Sarth is a 14-year-old teen from Pune, India. Sarth has been gifted with some unique talent and challenges. He has been learning Indian classical vocals since the past six years and learning Tabla since the past two years. He is a very sensitive individual and likes to express himself through his music.

Sneha Bhudia (UK) – Poet – Sneha is a student of year 9 and studies at Claremont High School. She likes reading different books, both fiction and non-fiction, and enjoys swimming. She really likes dancing and goes to a dance club to have some entertainment and stay healthy at the same time.

3:30 pm

Host – Pehrr Ram 


3:35 pm


Kenisa Uthayakaran (UK) – Singer – Kenisa is 15 years old and goes to Godolphin & Latymer school for girls and currently studies in year 10. She loves to dance, sing and play the violin. She has been singing since a really young age and likes to sing Carnatic music. She is going to take her Grade 8 exam in Carnatic music as well as Grade 4 exam in Bharatanatyam. She is working towards  Grade 7 speech and drama exam.

Myra and Dwaj (Denmark) – Singers – Dwaj enjoys Football, Badminton, Art, reading and playing chess. Myra likes to do Skipping, Badminton, Ice Skating, Reading, Drawing and Football. They will be singing a song in danish called ‘Regnvejrsdag I November’. It is a song about how we paint our lives, and the effects they have.

Neha Sabbella (UK) – Singer – Likes singing, dancing, cooking and is also into photography in her spare time. She loves unicorns very much and has a very vivid imagination. She would be singing for the wonderful mother nature.

Suhaas Sabbella (UK) – Speaker – Enjoys a wide variety of sports including football and tennis in his free time. Another pastime for him is writing and collecting research. He would be giving a speech on Mother earth.

Liranya Arulvannan (UK) – Indian Classical Dancer – She is studying in Lampton School, and has a passion for Dance, Music and Art. She started to learn cultural dance called Bharatanatyam from the age of 6, simultaneously joined in Bollywood dance classes & Key board classes. She has performed in many stage shows and won prizes in talent shows & competitions. The most recent show she was in was at The Royal Festival Hall in London.

Shivali & Aayush

4:00 pm

Host – Shivali and Aayush Ruparelia


A very busy mum of two, Shivali Ruparelia is a sales Analyst for a Global Airline. But her main passion is helping communities flourish. She has volunteered in many popular community events. Shivali has been a longstanding member of the volunteer staff at a weekend Community School in London: the Sai School of Harrow. Her outstanding commitment was nationally recognized when she was awarded the ‘Princess Diana Award’ for Voluntary Service and won the ‘Inspiring Asian Women’s award ‘for being an Inspirational Role model. Her motto in life is, “If my children see me do something good for others, I hope this will inspire them to do the same, to improve future generations!”

Aayush has a passion for sport, in particular football and cricket. But he also has a love for super cars and can answer any question about them!  Aayush follows in his mum’s footsteps by enjoying serving the community. He is also a student at the Sai School of Harrow in London. Aayush enjoys learning the tabla, engaging in prayer, bhajans and meditation.

Sai School of Harrow (U.K)

4:05 pm


Movers and Shakers of our World

Movers and Shakers are the Change Makers who have challenged themselves and achieved excellence by leading a Nation through various achievements: Scientific, Sports, Community or Environment. Sai School pupils will speak about their role models, for example: Sir David Attenborough, Mother Teresa, Roger Federer, Oprah Winfrey and a few more!

Deeva Karnani Shah –  Child Author shares her experiences

Shivani Parbat – Gymnastics presentation

Param Mirpuri – Energetic Contemporary Dance.  Come on Mums and Dads!  It’s time to stand up and dance with your children!

Rakhee Shah – Treating Children’s Ailments through Reflexology

Gaining her qualifications as a holistic therapist over 20 years ago, Rakhee Shah practices Reflexology and Aromatherapy. She has also completed a course from the British Nutrition Foundation in order to help and inspire people to achieve optimal balance and thus live a higher quality of life. Rakhee regularly makes home visits, with an initial face-to-face consultation and one-to-one session. She enjoys healthy cooking and balanced eating, while gaining more knowledge and understanding about right nutrition. 

Raakhee has a teenage daughter with whom she enjoys doing craft activities. If you would like to know more about how you can achieve better health through right eating you can reach Raakhee at rakhee.healthyu@gmail.com .


Simran Ahuja 

4:30 pm

Host – Simran Ahuja 

Titled Ms India 2013, Simran is also a rising star in Bollywood with her recent debut movie ‘Zindagi Tumse’. An accomplished international Celebrity Anchor, Simran has been associated with the prestigious IIFA Awards, FILMFARE, OSCARS Academy, and many more A-list global events. She is also the recipient of India’s prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Anchor par excellence. Another compelling string to her bow is her talent in Folk Dance. Having won 18 consecutive Folk Dance titles in India and America Simran has also been India’s Cultural Ambassador of Folk Dance.

4:35 pm


Mrs. Rajni Sriram is the CEO and Co-founder of a London based children’s charity called Wings of Hope. The Charity was set up over 17 years ago to give the gift of Free Education to poor and orphaned children in India and Malawi. To augment the educational link with the children abroad Rajni runs a very successful programme here in the UK, targeting Secondary school students to pay forward their talents, skills and compassion.
Rajni and some of the children from the supported school in Chennai and children participating in the program from UK will be offering a variety of presentations.

Sainath S.  (Chennai) Having had the chance to interact with students from the Wings of Hope, UK his outlook has broadened considerably making him more aware of the problems facing our planet. Sainath will share with us his thoughts on the current problems facing our global home and offering some solutions.

Navneeth V. (Chennai) – Singing ‘Engum Shanti Nilava Vendum’ – Let there be peace everywhere.
Navneeth loves music and has a beautiful voice which everyone loves to hear.  We will get the opportunity to hear Navneeth sing a song in his native language of Tamil.
Scott Kendrick (London) Scott, a student at Whitgift school in South London has always been interested in Art and Creativity. He has been practicing Origami for the past eight years and will be giving us a live demonstration of how to create beautiful Origami.
Abisaan Nandakumar (UK) Abisaan studies at Haberdasher’s Aske’s school in Hertfortshire, UK, and is extremely interested and gifted in music. Playing a variety of instruments including Piano, Guitar and the South Indian percussion instrument, the Mridangam, Abisaan has recently started to expand his repertoire and learn dance! For today’s performance he will be playing ‘Fur Elise’ By Beethoven on the Piano.                      
Celine Kumaradas (London)  Based in the heart of London, Celine studies at the City of London School for Girls where she is a creative all-rounder, enjoying story-writing, painting and music. Her love of painting makes her lose all track of time and she can go on painting for hours!
Celine loves singing and has chosen to sing today a beautiful song made famous by her namesake, Celine Dion: “My Heart Will Go On”.

5:00 pm

Host – Simran Ahuja 

5:05 pm

Talents Galore

Manoshi Saha (India) – Contemporary Dance 
Manoshi Saha is from Delhi . She is passionate about dance and music. She is part of Delhi Ballet Group and performs Rabindranatyam dance i.e. fusion of Rabindrik and Bharatnatyam.

Deleena Ramful  (U.K) – Making healthy smoothies and shakes 

Deleena loves dancing, reading, art, gardening and her favourite hobby is  making delicious smoothies and shakes for her dad! 

Dilan Gauba (Dubai) – ‘How healthy eating and determination can help you reach the highest heights’  

Dilan enjoy cooking and baking  healthy scrumptious dishes. He plays  various sports and enjoys tennis the most . Dilan is keen  mountaineer .

5:30 pm

Host – Simran Ahuja

5:35 pm

 U.S.A Talents 

Saniya Panjwani  (Michigan) – Sharing skills in candle making with soothing aromatherapy.

Saniya has an immense passion for art and finds joy in drawing, painting,filming, editing and singing.  Her talents ensured that she did not get bored during the lockdown. 

Meki Maile (California) – Speaking  on ‘Gratitude’
Meki loves reading and enjoys listening to different music. Her favourite hobby is playing flute .
A keen sportsperson Meki enjoys Volleyball and had qualified for 2019 and 2020 JNC.

Alaina Harlow (California) – What are the Top 5 Things you need to do to be the best?

Currently, she is the reigning Silicon Valley Cross Country champion and has played basketball for her school. In addition to all this, Alaina plays year-round in her Premier Level Soccer team which ranks 16th in the United States! For her, achievement is as important as character and compassion. Alaina is a role model and she strives to demonstrate kindness and care in her leadership role.

Thank You

6:00 pm


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Back Up Team –  Dr Milen Shah, Dr Lalit Sodha, Sarita Menon, Mallesh Kota, Prash Kotecha, Vaibhav Parab, Rupesh Naik






Healing Our Earth

6:00 pm

Conclusion by Host 

Simran Ahuja

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