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Sunday 13th March 2022

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Seema Bhatia


2.00 pm

Introduction Host

Seema Bhatia 

Seema was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her culinary interests developed at an early age founded on a family food business. Extensive travels in Africa, India and South East Asia have allowed her to follow her culinary passion and grow her knowledge on the effects of food on the mind and body. Using secret skills handed down from grandmother to granddaughter with the belief that you are what you eat she draws from the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Mayan wisdom, curating healing spice blends, immunity enhancing yogic teas, self care prescriptions and other wellbeing foods. Ones thought process and method breathing  can positively or negatively impact ones mental and physical health. Seema is a qualified Breath, Water & Sound teacher with The Art of Living.
Her intertwine of diet, breath work, meditation and self care prescriptions nourish the mind, body and soul and put one on a journey of greater wellbeing allowing one to live their  life to the fullest. Seema has successfully shared her skills and knowledge with corporates and individuals over many years in Hong Kong and Singapore and is now based in Oxford.
Seema  is passionate about  music and dance and she enjoys producing and hosting kitchen episodes.

Kiran Robinson


2.05 pm


Kiran Robinson

Kiran Robinson born in India, with a career span of 30 years in the hospitality field, over 3 continents, started her journey in Hong Kong. Chef, Entrepreneur, Founded the niche brand ‘Tazah’. Food Futurist/Stylist, Concept Designing, Wedding Planning were all part of her commissions. Kiran was successful in receiving IFB Government Tenders.
Kiran was offered the role of Hospitality Food Services Operations, managing The Executive Dining, Catering, and Event Services in one of the top hospitals in The Bay Area. Serving 10,000 employees daily for 17 years. Kiran was instrumental in the planning of the opening of the new, state-of-the-art, hospital in Palo Alto.
Co-Founder of Malawi Children’s Mission, 2007- till present. Serving vulnerable children by providing Nutrition, Education, Healthcare and Life Skills.
Focused on community building Kiran works with chefs and women entrepreneurs. Her mission is to impart her experience in hospitality through writing, speaking, and coaching. Currently based in Luxembourg, she wrote her first book ‘Seva, The Art of Hospital’, which was launched in November 2021.
Learn more about Kiran at

Kiran Sukhani

(Hong Kong)

2.15 pm

Kiran Sukhani

Poke Bowl with Edamame beans

Passionate about re-conceptualizing Indian and Arabic cuisines, Kiran founded and launched Tagline in 2020. She enjoys interacting with her customers and with her expertise, she ensures they’re receiving nothing less than exceptional!

Noticing a gap in Hong Kong’s increased desire for healthy eating and a lack of high-quality options, Kiran founded and launched CalFit in 2019. She brings along with her expertise in Human Physiology, Clinical Nutrition, & Child Nutrition and a passion for helping people feel strong and healthy. When curating CalFit’s diverse dishes, she takes inspiration from Western and Traditional Ayurveda concepts and ensures her customers never get bored of eating healthy.

She is sharing an interesting recipe of poke Bowl using edamame beans which are rich in protein, vitamin A and C and antioxidants. Soy protein helps in reduction if insulin resistance, kidney damage and fatty liver.



Alisha Jain


3.15 pm

Alisha Jain

Vegan & Gluten free Tequiotos

Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, Alisha moved to London at 16 years old and has been passionate about creating recipes and cooking since she was a little girl. At 22 years old she is now a psychology masters graduate and is passionate about wellbeing both mentally and physically, and is therefore using her vegan social media page to promote healthy living, mostly through her recipes! 
Alisha has been vegan for just over a year and has dived into her Indian roots and started learning the health benefits of using nature and plants as her source of medicine, using naturopathic and Ayurvedic teachings. She also started learning about Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide to alkaline eating and how a lot of his teachings correlate with ancient Ayurvedic teachings.
Alisha will show how to make Vegan and Gluten free cirispy Taquitos in a salsa  verde topped with guacamole and cashew crema.



Seema Bhatia

(Hong Kong/U.K)

4.00 pm

Seema Bhatia

Spring Reset & Renew and Springy Chaat(Indian Snack) Demo

Seema Bhatia was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her culinary interests began at an early age founded on a family food business. Seema’s passion along with her extensive travels in Asia have allowed her to follow her culinary passion and grow her knowledge on food as medicine.
Seema will demonstrate a warming butternut squash soup perfect for winter cold . 

Dr Honey Kalaria



5.00 pm


Dr Honey Kalaria

Dr Honey Kalaria is a mind body soul coach and a multi award-winning creative dance expert with over 35 years of experience in the field of art, culture & entertainment. Honey is also a media presenter, has appeared on numerous television programs, choreographed for films, worked with celebrities, including appearing on program presented by top celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, as well as being a presenter herself for the hit TV series “Cooking Queen” aired on NDTV.  
Being a pure vegetarian herself, she takes pleasure in sharing healthy living and diet tips with dancers and creative artists, together with offering coaching to help develop performing arts careers. Her work involves providing education through a powerful combination of personal development, creativity and spiritual wisdom.

Arbiner Dugal


5.00 pm

Arbiner Singh Dugal

Enjoying Seasonal Produce

Renowned Chef Arbinder Dugal, equipped with 17 years of culinary experience and a dynamic personality, is true to his statements; “has the know-how we need” & “cooks up a storm”!

Selected for semifinals for the National Chef 2021 NCOTY, nominee of Roux Scholarship, part of Alex Polizzi’s ‘Chefs on Travel’ in 2015, semifinalist in Master Chef in 2019, recipient of British Sikh Awards 2022, are some of Arbinder’s many attainments.

His denotation of ‘Humbleness without vanity and snobbishness’, speaks volumes. As a private chef his mission is to “accept all challenges and deliver excellent service”.

From conventional Patisserie to Pan Asian, French Gourmet to Malvani Cuisine, Arbinder rises to all occasions. His knowledge of fragrant spices in vegan desserts, usage of activated charcoal powder in idlis and dosas for added dimension, and curing food are some of his many talents adhered to breaking boundaries of Indian cuisine.



Dr Ju Lee Tay


6.00 pm

Dr Ju Lee Tay

Vegan Kerabu Demo

Dr Ju Lee Tay is a mother, integrative health consultant, WILDFIT coach and bioresonance practitioner, in that order.
She is a founding member of Biowellness Academy, a bioresonance training program, an international collaboration teaching fellow health practitioners about frequency medicine. She knows that healing is possible from most chronic illness once we find the root cause. She uses her background as a medical doctor to simplify and synthesize knowledge that empower health coaches who are building a livelihood by sharing their own healing journey.
Her mission to reveal that the process of healing can begin through a curiosity and willingness to look at what we do to ourselves through what we consume.
To catalyse this, she has shared many simple recipes over the years with her clients which helped them to regain their health.                                                                                                                              

Vegan kerabu

Ingredients List A.

7 cloves garlic
1/2 large red onion   
2 cm piece of galangal root    
2 teaspoons of vegan belacan 
1 large chilli
6 small chillies 
1/4 tsp salt

Ingredients List B.

1/2 a coconut grated, or 2 cups grated coconut
6 pieces of kaffir lime leaf cut into strips                                                                                                                                                                                            

Ingredients List C.

Ulam Raja
Young long beans cut into 3 cm pieces
Cucumber peeled and chopped
Bean Sprouts
Baby Spinach
Baby Kale

3 tablespoons coconut oil                                                                                               


Cooking Instructions   

1. Process and lightly blanch bean sprouts, and long beans. You may also lightly blanch ulam raja or kale as needed. Leave aside to cool.
2. Chop and blend A condiments.
3. Heat coconut oil to fry A & B until fragrant.
4. Toss together just before serving.

Sharron Rose



7.00 pm


Sharron Rose

Sharron Rose, M.A. Ed., president of Sacred Mysteries Productions, is a filmmaker, choreographer, composer, author and teacher. As a scholar in world dance, music and religion, her training and research includes ballet, modern dance, Kathak, Middle Eastern, Flamenco and African dance. She is also known for her unique reconstruction of the dance, music and ritual of Ancient Egypt. She has received grants and awards for her work including a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship to conduct extensive research into the art, culture and spiritual traditions of North India where she became the first American disciple of Kathak Queen Sitara Devi.

Sharron loves cooking and entertaining guests at home regularly. She will sharing her tips and a recipe too.

Wai Ching Lee


7.00 pm

Dr Wai Ching Lee

Culinary Exploration in Ecuador

Dame Rev. Dr. Wai-Ching Lee, is a Holistic Health Counselor and Culinary Consultant In Holistic Nutrition she has adapted many recipes for her clients with cancer, and other health concerns with Applied Kinesiology testing to ascertain the most suitable and non inflammatory foods for optimal health.

She has had a gastronomic career in the culinary arts in San Francisco as an event planner and caterer, after a career as a flight attendant where she had many opportunities explore food anthropolgy. She continues researching on food as cellular information as well as being a passionate taste adventurer. She enjoys wild and urban foraging and reverse engineering in the sampled dishes.

Her love for nature and affinity with plants started when she was 5, running in the fields and farms in Penang, Malaysia , eating the wild herbs and knocking down fruit from trees.

She joined the Nature Society early in Singapore and has been in Organic, Permaculture and Biodynamic movements in all the places she has lived in, growing and buying locally, and experimenting with local recipes. She emphasizes the ecology of self to the planet, as a restorative eco-spiritual journey.


Summary and Panel Discussions


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