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Sunday 21st May  2023

U.S.A 9 am EDT

U.K 2 pm  BST

East Africa 4 pm  EAT

Mauritius  5 pm  MST

India 6.30 pm IST 

Hong Kong  9 pm HKST

(All times are in BST (British Summer Time))

Dr Amrita Sharma


2.00 pm


Dr Amrita Sharma

Dr Amrita Sharma did her Bachelors in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS)and MD (Ayurvedic Materia medica). Her interest in studies took her back to explore more on alternative medicine, acupuncture, Alternative therapies, naturopathy, and courses on food and nutrition. 
She is registered with Yoga Alliance for e-500 hrs and YACEP. She has trained thousands of students from over 20 countries. She has more than fifteen years of clinical and teaching experience in field of yoga, Ayurveda and holistic healing therapies.
Dr Sharma has presented paper and moderated numerous national and international conferences. Through her radio talks and podcasts she has shared her experiences, wellbeing tips and lifestyle leads in day to day life through yoga, Ayurveda, and holistic health care. 

Alisha Jain


2.00 pm

Alisha Jain

Baking a Key Lime Loaf

Growing up with a passion for cooking and creating recipes since she was a little girl, Alisha was born and brought up in New Delhi, India and lived in London, England for 8 years of her young adult life. At 24 years old she is now a Psychology master’s graduate and passionate about wellbeing both mentally and physically. For the last 3 years she has dived into holistic cooking and promotes healthy living through her recipes without compromising on taste. 
Alisha has also learned about the healing benefits of plants and nature and has incorporated naturopathic and Ayurvedic teachings into her recipes which keeps her healthy through clean and conscious eating. After moving back to India, she has incorporated alkaline eating, fasting and mindfulness into her lifestyle and shares her knowledge with others because of how it has helped her cure her own illnesses over the years. 
She has also started a brand new venture, offering fully comprehensive wellness programs in the Himalayas, known as Windsong Wellness Retreat. Alisha believes that a life of quality is something everyone deserves to have.



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Open Session

Priscila Vazquez


3.15 pm

Priscila Vazquez Ruilova 

Tea and Healthy Baked Treats

Priscila is a tea sommelier, a tea designer and tea taster; she has 10 years of experience in the world of tea, studying with teachers from different parts of the world, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, UK, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador. She studies and practices Japanese Tea Ceremony in MOA School, for the last 6 years. She has been directing tea experiences in different countries and enjoys tea teaching. Now she is trying to grow the tea culture in her country, Ecuador.

Casita De Te (@casita_de_te) • Instagram photos and videos

Riddhi Vyas


4.00 pm


Riddhi Vyas 

Riddhi qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher at the Sivananda vedantic centre and has since developed a passion for yoga, philosophy and psychology. She further trained as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and was fascinated by how teachings from Vedic scriptures and pranayama have influenced western psychology.
She regularly shares her wellness knowledge and practical experience with professionals of all ages and backgrounds providing strategies for emotional resilience, by boosting their natural happiness levels and guiding her clients to be deeply energised and relaxed for better work life balance.
Riddhi has also spoken at the British Parliament, Ministry of Defence, corporate law firms, as well as various radio stations and various universities across the UK with the single aim to rise as conscious leaders.

Daksha Chef D


4.00 pm

Daksha (Chef D) Parekh

Bake a Healthy Millet Muffin

Daksha Parekh, aka Chef D, is a British-born foodie.  Fuelled with passion and dedication for creating delicious Vegetarian cuisine… grew from strength to strength with a Catering Company, Snack shops, and Restaurants. A self-made Businesswoman and a self-taught Specialist Vegan/Vegetarian Chef.
A pioneer in bringing excellence in catering and cooking for hundreds of thousands of guests at events and restaurant diners to destination weddings since 1995’
Chef D’s new Journey…   Educator, Chef Trainer, Business Consultant, Mentor, and her most passionate new Journey, her mission to promote and teach ‘The Art of Correct Healthy Cooking’
After losing a loved one to cancer, Chef D realised that there is more to food than we think we know and dived into the world of nutrition and Ayurvedic teachings. Chef D, brings her collective expertise to all who want to heal and prevent lifestyle diseases, with cooking classes, workshops, talks, demos, videos, seminars, and now talks at global events.
Finalist Best Veg Chef & Restaurant in MFDH Awards 2018 & 2019  |  A Veggie Virtuoso –  by Express & Star

Sharron Rose


5.00 pm

Sharron Rose

(accompanied by Jay Weidner)

Eggplant Parmigiana 

Sharron Rose, MA, Ed, winner of the Filmmaker of the Year Award from the 20th World Congress on Qigong, Tai Chi TCM, Daoism and Natural Healing, is the director/ producer of the forthcoming documentary series, Quantum Qi: The Taoist Art of Nurturing Life. 
Sharron has lectured, performed and presented her films in numerous universities, spiritual centers, cultural organizations and museums and was a consultant to the National Endowment for the Arts. She is the author of The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine. and is currently completing a cd, The Nectar of Bliss dedicated to the healing power of the Divine Feminine in cultures throughout the world. 
Sharron loves growing fruits and vegetables and home cooking. Today Sharron is accompanied by Jay Weidner who also loves cooking and creating his own recipes. 






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