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Sunday 4th October

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Dr Lalit Sodha



12 noon

Dr Lalit Sodha

Host Introduction and Welcome

Lalit Sodha, D.C. graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Canada in 1990.He also qualified with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego in the Masters Program in Whiplash Injuries (1994), hence has a keen interest in treating patients with whiplash injuries. Lalit Sodha, D.C. also prepares medical-legal reports for insurance companies and their patients.

Over the years, he has had the privilege of treating numerous singers, dancers and performers at Wembley Arena before and after performances.

June B Luna


12.05 pm

 June B Luna 

From Zero to Hero

June Luna is a “wholesaler” of experiences life can offer, a traveler, and a self-transformer in the physical and spiritual aspects of life. 
He was five months old when he was given for adoption and a victim of sexual abuse when he was a child. Exposed to different adversities in life, he grew up angry.   
He learned to sell in order to survive, including an unsharpened pencil inside his notebook as a fare for a ride home. 
He was born with nothing (0, zero) yet the nothingness made him imaginative, creative, resourceful, courageous, simple, and generous, to name a few. These virtues gave him everything (0, whole) materially and spiritually.
June is the founder of  Prosel Pharma, Inc. which now employs 254 salesforce and administrative staff. He is the author of Triunephant and XPRNZ books available in Amazon.
To know more about June, visit www.junelunalifesharer.com

Vaishali Shah 


12.30 pm

 Vaishali Shah

 A journey within the Soul, Heart and Mind 

Dr Vaishali Shah is a curator, author and motivational speaker through her video blogging. As NRI she has taken an initiative to help Indians and others to explore Indian culture in-depth. Her projects like tree planting, seed donation, seminars to create awareness about vegetarian diet have helped thousands of students to make the right choice and start living healthy. Her books The Veg Safari and Hindu Culture and Lifestyle are popular among youth. 
Currently, she has a column in Janmabhoomi newspaper getting released in Mumbai. She is a video blogger, avid reader, philanthropist, geek, foodie, yoga instructor, traveller and a self-starter. 
She has received accolades from Shri Narendra Modiji, Vijay Rupani ji and many other spiritual gurus. Website : www.hinduscriptures.com


Trish Summerfield


1.00 pm

 Trish Summerfield

The Wisdom of Letting Go

Trish was born in New Zealand but has spent a lot of her life in Asia. She is an educator and personal development trainer. She is the author of 4 books and writer and presenter of over 150 television programs. As a volunteer trainer for several programs including values education she has facilitated trainings extensively throughout Asia. Trish has been meditating since she was 19 and has a passion to share the magic of this practise with others.

 No one enjoys having a cluttered closet. The same is true for the mind that is holding many unnecessary memories. Today’s experiential seminar will offer clear tools to step out of the past into a clear present with the ability to draw upon the wisdom learned. ‘Let’s Çlear Out Our Closet to Make Way for the New!’

Mirabel Ngong


1.30 pm

 Mirabel Ngong

Believing in your Inner Self

Mirabel is a communications professional and advocating for youth leadership in Cameroon and West Africa. She is the Founder of Community Empowerment Program Cameroon; an organization that focuses on promoting education and equipping young women with leadership skills for sustainable development. Mirabel holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media. She also did a Civic Leadership institute at the University of Virginia within the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative.

Previously, she worked with Media Foundation for West Africa, Ghana contributing to promote participatory governance and independent journalism in West Africa. While working with Community Initiative for Development within a UN WOMEN project, she advocated for girls’ education using radio drama on community radio stations in the North West Region. Under the same program, women have been trained to participate in local governance and building political confidence contributing in increasing the percentage of women elected to Local Councils in North West Region of Cameroon. Mirabel has a strong passion for governance, education, communication and peace building.  

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ngongmirabel.nfihkel 

Sarita Menon



2 pm


Sarita Menon

Sarita is the Managing Director of Inndus, a printing company based in Elstree. Prior to that, she ran a training business which followed a career in the travel sector. 

Sarita is a NLP Master Practitioner & started her spiritual journey several years ago when she joined the Art of living foundation (AOL) & is now an AOL teacher who conducts various wellbeing  courses including breathing techniques, meditation & yoga.

Website: www.inndus.co.uk

Dimple Anil


2.00 pm

                    Dimple Anil

             Freedom and Flight Within

Mrs. Dimple Anil is a Jammu (India) born, clairvoyant psychic medium, an award winning educationist with masters in English literature, education, ecology and environment, a celebrated career spanning over three decades, a radio broadcaster, theatre artist, a mother, a voracious traveller and a life coach. She realised a unique power to connect with those who have crossed over and no longer live in a physical body, (our loved ones, addressed as THEM) after a life altering clairvoyant experience in 1972 at the tender age of 13. Since then she has been communicating messages which she calls Prayers and directions to the world raising a conscious society.
Dimple is the Founder of Gods Consciousness. Her mantra is simple and doable. In her own words, “Smile, step back, relax, find a feel-good spot, only then speak or take action. What you feel, so shall you sow, so shall you reap. Simple and doable. Ask THEM, the Divine, the Universe for divine wisdom and trust your trust. Be just to yourself and the world. Period.”

Amarjit Kaur Doowa


2.30 pm

  Amarjit Kaur Doowa

Win the Mind and overcome Anger!

Amarjit Kaur, from Thailand, an educator her whole life, is currently doing her PhD in Ayur Yoga: Counseling and Total Wellness, and has been practicing and guiding experiential meditation, for the past 25 years. She has been a Sikh religious leader for youth programs and speaker at religious institutes worldwide (in all continents) and has translated the “Jap ji Sahib” from the Sikh scriptures. She has been a speaker representative for inner & world peace, & climate change issues in UN, URI and Brahma Kumaris, and served hands on in world disasters through the United Sikhs. She continuously serves to educate the Slum children in Thailand and India. She conducts sessions for empowering women and men all over the world and does private counseling too. She has over 100 Television program sessions aired. She is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Thai.

Understanding the mind and soul and using this, as the key to overcoming ANGER, & manifesting virtues in life, will be uncovered in today’s session

FB: https://www.facebook.com/amarjit.doowa

Sudeep Banerji 


3.00 pm

 Sudeep Banerji  


Sudeep Banerji  belongs to a legacy of Begum Akhtar because of his guru Smt Shanti Hiranand ji.
Sudeep is one of the most promising Ghazal singers in India with more than 10 solo albums as a singer and around 150 albums as a music director in Mumbai.
Sudeep has shared stage and worked with almost every singer from Mehdi Hassan to Asha Bhosle  Jagjit Singh , Pankaj Udhas, Bhupinder Singh, Rekha Bhardwaj Anup Jalota etc . Sudeep has performed in many prestigious Music Festivals in India and abroad . Recently his new album Ghaliban  released where he has collaborated with  Vishal Bhardwaj 


3.20 pm

 Gandhiji at Ahmedabad

 Documentary Film

The First-ever Documentary film on Gandhi’s Ahmedabad Times from 1915 to 1930, “Gandhi @ Ahmedabad”, is directed by Dr. Dhimant Purohit and produced by Dr. Maneklal Patel for Gujarat Vidyapith with Tushar Gandhi- as anchor & for the Hindi version the narrator is veteran actor late Shri Om Puri.  Dr. Dhimant Purohit,  who directed this film has made this documentary available in three different languages, Hindi, Gujarati, and English.  

Dhimant is also the Editor for Newzviewz.com with a career of 31 years in writing and journalism. He was former Bureau Chief for Aajtak News Channel of India Today Group, for Gujarat & worked closely with then CM- PM Narendra Modi.

His film highlights Gandhi’s stay at Sabarmati Ashram, freedom struggles initiated from there, and Gandhi’s journey from M.K.Gandhi to Mahatma while laying the foundation of four major institutes in Ahmedabad. 

Today Meeta Joshi will introduce the preview of the film.

Dr. Bhagirathsinh V. Jadeja


4.00 pm

 Dr. Bhagirathsinh V. Jadeja

 The 3 Beacons of Light: The Krishna, The Budhhist and The Gandhian Philosophy

Dr. Bhagirathsinh Jadeja is the Founder and Chairperson of Aavahan – Your Inner Calling – a corporate and education consulting firm. At the mere age of 31, he is one of India’s youngest Life Coach and Success Ecosystem Designer. He is a student of world renowned life coach Mr. Anthony Robbins, USA. He is also a Leadership Trainer, NLP Coach, NAC Trainer, Psychologist, Counsellor, Mythologist and a Therapist. His contribution as a researcher is in the field of Human Psychology with amalgamation of mythology and culture and thereby facilitating Human Skills and Value Development. For his outstanding contribution in the field of Human Skills and Value Development he is honored with Honorary Doctorate from University of Minnesota, USA and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He is also an author and his first novel, “I am Always with you….” Has been published as a world edition by Amazon.com and was released by one of the bestselling authors of India, Mr. Christopher C. Doyle.

With an aim to bring about a transition in life of every individual that connects to him by facilitating them to discover what they are truly capable of, Dr. Jadeja has till now touched lives of more than 2.5 lakhs individuals across India.

 Facebook: facebook.com/jadeja.bhagirathsinh.982

Carlos La Bandera


4.30 pm

 Carlos La Bandera


The mexican musician Carlos La Bandera, has as musical aim to bring JOY, FREEDOM and HARMONY through music by allowing musical traditions from different continents to meet through minimal electronic music. This well mixed fusion builds a bridge in between cultures and brings people closer to Nature. He has studied musictherapy and different music traditions by developing the expertise of different traditional instruments such as flamenco guitar, indian sitar, mexican jarana and singing by musictherapy and opera approaches. His Elektro Ritual Music project recreates the necessary atmosphere for a cathartic experience bringing music back to its powerful origins and becoming an instrument of healing as an harmonizer that may bring us back closer to Nature.

Simran Ahuja 



4.50 pm


Simran Ahuja 

Titled Ms India 2013, Simran is also a rising star in Bollywood with her recent debut movie ‘Zindagi Tumse’. An accomplished international Celebrity Anchor, Simran has been associated with the prestigious IIFA Awards, FILMFARE, OSCARS Academy, and many more A-list global events. She is also the recipient of India’s prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Anchor par excellence. Another compelling string to her bow is her talent in Folk Dance. Having won 18 consecutive Folk Dance titles in India and America Simran has also been India’s Cultural Ambassador of Folk Dance.

Simran Ahuja is the Official Talk Show presenter on USA Channel TVAsia, interviewing all the top Stars of Bollywood..
She’s known as ‘Simran Ahuja Yoga Lover’ and goes Live everyday.. with 108 Surya Namaskaras every weekend, which has people from all over the World.

 Mayour Nandu


5.00 pm

 Mayour Nandu

Find Purpose, Connect to Happiness

Mayour is a Director of World Human Development Center. He has been a life Coach & business Coach since 2004.
Mayour is an expert business consultant and has trained many top-notch corporate and social groups.
He has transformed more than 20,000 individuals nationally and internationally.

 Website: www.wh-dc.com

Enrique Simó


5.30 pm

Enrique Simó

 Release your spiritual power:

Live a life of enthusiasm.

Enrique Simó is a member of the national coordination team of the Brahma Kumaris in Spain and coordinator of the headquarters in Madrid. He has collaborated and promoted programs for peace, the development of values and spirituality with various organizations. He is aRaja Yoga meditation and personal development teacher with more than 30 years of experience.

Enrique is very committed to its purpose of offering a spiritual knowledge that helps people find their way and be able to live peace and happiness in their lives and thus make the world a better place for everyone. He works as an executive coach and as a facilitator in leadership development programs, helping senior managers and their teams meet their personal and professional goals.

He collaborates as a coach and lecturer at Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid. He is a faculty in the iE University, on the topic of “Mindful leadership and self-development”.

Desi Tahiraj


6.00 pm

Desi Tahiraj
Fail & Get Up & Never Give Up!

Desi Tahiraj, is an executive and expert in burnout and productivity, Success Principles Trainer, Business Consultant, HR Professional, International Speaker and Author. She has certainly proven herself as an expert in many fields. As a dynamic, results-driven leader and throughout her career she has developed a deep understanding of what causes high achievers to burnout and as a result, Desi has established a methodology to help people avoid it.
Desi studied and practiced Law at the Tirana City Hall, Albania. She is a Trusted Human Resources and Academic Affairs Manager at Columbia University in NY.
Desi holds licenses in Executive Education and Coaching & Driving Performance Change both accredited by Columbia University. She was selected as Top Transformational Coach of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. Recently, she was recognized by Marquis Who’s Who for their Lifetime Achievement Award.

 Website : www.desitahiraj.com

Ken O’Donnell


6.30 pm

 Ken O’Donnell

Spiritual Lessons from these Challenging Times

Australian born and currently living in South America, Ken is a consultant and trainer, and has worked with some of the biggest companies on five continents, such as Akzo-Nobel, Dupont-Merck, Fiat, Novartis, Goodyear, General Motors, HSBC He is creator of the Self Management and Quality of Life programme that has been run successfully in 29 countries and is one of the founders of the Oxford Leadership Global Consultancy. Ken designed the program ‘Leading High Performing Teams’ for the Telefonica Corporate University in Barcelona and was a key-note speaker at the 44th and 50th International Congress of Human Resource Managers in Mexico.

Ken has written 15 books on leadership and personal and organisational development, some of which have been translated into nine languages. He was presented with the ‘Personality of the Year’ Award from the Brazilian Association of Training and Development in 2009. Ken is also the South America coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Organization, which works for the development of human values at all levels of society. He was a co-introducer of the concept of Spiritual Intelligence in organizations. – info on this under the theme Spiritual Intelligence on Wikipedia.


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7:00 pm

Host – Simran Ahuja 


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