Pure Thoughts Pure Melodies FREE Global Interactive Session

Sunday  7th June 

1.30 pm    till   6 pm  BST 

( British Summer Time )

(All times are in BST ( British Summer Time ))

Sarita  Menon

( U.K )

1:30 pm


Host — Sarita  Menon

Sarita is the Managing Director of Inndus, a printing company based in Elstree. Prior to that, she ran a training business which followed a career in the travel sector. 

Sarita is a NLP Master Practitioner & started her spiritual journey several years ago when she joined the Art of living foundation (AOL) & is now an AOL teacher who conducts various wellbeing  courses including breathing techniques, meditation & yoga

Timmy  Cruz  

( Philippines )

1:35 pm

Timmy Cruz  Singing 

Timmy Cruz – Filipino singer/actress/songwriter/nature lover
It was in  1987 when she mushroomed into the Philippine music industry with her signature song BOY. Then she crossed over to acting & hosting. Today, she is still an artist in process, enjoying herself as a songwriter.  Her spirituality compliments her creativity. 
She has the good fortune of being a longtime meditator. Sweet inner peace is her companion.  Her Uptimmystic lifestyle is carrying her through this together with her unshakable faith in God, in Mother Nature , in herself and the whole human race. “Let’s encircle the world with Peace, Happiness, Harmony and with a lot of LOVE.” 

Public’s chance to Chant Share Sing  

Preety Bhalla

( India )

1:55 pm

 Preety Bhalla Singing 

Preety is Trained in Hindustani Classical music. Her Debut POP ALBUM was nominated for “MTV IMMIES AWARDS” for NEW TALENT.

​She has performed all over the World & has Sung for Hindi, Punjabi, Telgu, Tamil & Malayalam Films.

She has Released Various Albums of Different Genres – Christmas Carols, Bhajans, Patriotic & Sufi Songs, we can call her a very talented VERSATILE ARTIST. 

Chloe Taylor 

( Australia )

2:15 pm

 Chloe Taylor  Singing 

Chloe Taylor, is a final year student and deputy school captain. 
Chloe is studying at the famous Lowther Hall Anglican Grammer School in Melbourne, Australia . 
She sings like an angel and is one of the emerging young leaders!

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Prash Kotecha 

( U.K )

2:30 pm

Host — Prash Kotecha

Prash Is an international Wellbeing and Mindset Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host and social media influencer, who is the Founder of Urban Spirituality, Mantra Therapy and CEO of StressToSuccess.

He has worked with global corporates and community spiritual organizations over the past 25+ years, reaching many tens of thousands of people globally through his podcast, events and retreats.

Prash’s longstanding experience in spiritual growth, peak performance, wellbeing practices, emotional and consciousness intelligence, has resulted in a unique style of coaching, training and consulting that blends unconventional wisdom with real-world pragmatism.

Prash is the founder and CEO of Mantra Therapy (www.facebook.com/mantratherapy.co.uk),

StressToSuccess (https://www.stresstosuccess.co) and

Urban Spirituality (https://www.urbanspirituality.co)

Armondo Hurley


2:35 pm

Armondo Hurley

Armondo Hurley is a motivational speaker who shares his stories and experiences of maintaining self respect and inner peace in challenging situations. As a singer, actor, songwriter and producer, Armondo has toured with Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker and Jimmy Barnes.

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Shivali Bhammer  

( U.K )

2:55 pm

 Shivali  Bhammer Singing 

 Shivali is one of the UK’s biggest devotional singer. Shivali was the youngest Bhajan singer to be signed to Sony Music, releasing The Bhajan Project which was nominated for two Global Indian Music Awards and sold out across stores globally. Shivali went on to release Urban Temple with Eros Now which hit number 1 on the iTunes World Chart. She is currently working on her third album and continues to perform globally. Shivali is also a public speaker on Hindu Mythology and published writer. She also holds a diploma in Kathak.

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Deepa Vithalani 

( U.K )

3:30 pm

Host —  Deepa Vithalani 

Deepa Vithlani, primary school teacher, entrepreneur and mum of 2 has been teaching in Brent Primary schools since 2006. She has a passion for the Early Years, Languages and Well-being. She regularly incorporates meditations and mindfulness in her teaching. Her linguistic background includes French, German and Italian. In addition to teaching she has a part time business committed to helping families save money which she works around taking care of her two young children.
Deepa embarked on a holistic and spiritually journey around 15 years ago when she experienced the incredible benefits or Reiki healing and worked on her own personal development to become attuned to Reiki Level 2.  Since then she has actively sought to learn about and experience holistic and spiritual healing alongside her children through crystals, tuning, sound meditation and more. She feels privileged to be a part of a network that fosters growth, spiritual awakening and healing through various but equally valuable methods.

Bhavini  Vyas

( U.K )

3:35 pm

 Bhavini Vyas Singing

Londoner Bhavini immersed herself in the rich culture of her Indian heritage from a very early age, firmly rooted in the spiritual side of life. Vocally trained in Hindustani classical and Gujarati folk music as well as western Classical and Jazz from the age of 5, she went on to specialise in the Indore Gharana training in India under Smt. Piu Sarkhel. Bhavini also trained in Ballet, contemporary and Bharatnatyam classical Indian dance from the age of 3 and is no stranger to the stage.
Exposed to high calibre musicians from the beginning of her musical journey, Bhavini spent her younger years collaborating with various producers and musicians and featuring on their projects, inadvertently developing an international repertoire. Influenced by Hip-hop, soul, brit-pop and devotional music, she works closely with talented musicians, DJ collectives and producers to devise unique musical arrangements.

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( U.K )

3:55 pm

Leonna Singing

 Singing since the age of three, Leonna is a singer/songwriter committed to raising the vibration and touching hearts.

Previously, a coach of the law of attraction, energy healing and wellbeing, Leonna decided to stop coaching in this format and instead support and coach through her music. Leonna strives to facilitate a sense of alignment and connection.
Equipped with an extremely soulful voice and a music sound that is a fusion of all her influences like Cyndi Lauper, Chaka Khan, sade and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to name just a few.
Just sit back and close your eyes.
Connection is key!

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Jelenna Fassbender  

( Germany  )

4:15 pm

Jelenna Fassbender Singing

 Jelena Fassbender is an artist whose background is in acting and singing, until a point where she made a conscious choice to leave a life of competition and materialism and dedicate her life to a higher purpose. Being an active member of Mohanji Foundation, as well as Mohanji Acharya, her life mission became adding value to the world through various ways of social service and selflessness.

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Simran Ahuja 

( India )

4:30 pm

Host — Simran Ahuja  

 Simran Ahuja – Titled Ms India 2013, recently had her debut Film in Bollywood, ZindagiTumse. She’s an international Celebrity Anchor, having been associated with the prestigious IIFA Awards, FILMFARE, OSCARS Academy etc. She’s the recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Anchor par excellence.

Qualified Masters in Finance and Doctorate in Nature Cure and Alternate Medicines, she’s conducted workshops across the globe at Zurich, Rome, Singapore, Srilanka, India etc. She’s been the Cultural Ambassador of Folk Dance, having won 18 consecutive Folk Dance titles in India and America

Sarit, Maggie & Ricky 

4:35 pm


London Buddhism Research Support Group, Fo Guang Shan London

Established in 1992, London Fo Guang Shan Temple is an active centre of Buddhist worship and teaching in the Mahayana tradition. It is one of the 300 worldwide branches of Fo Guang Shan Monastery founded in Taiwan by Venerable Master Hsing Yun in 1967.

The Temple propagates the Dharma (Buddhist Teachings) of Humanistic Buddhism advocated by the Venerable Master. Humanistic Buddhism is a modern Buddhist philosophy. Its goal is to live the Bodhisattva way. Bodhisattvas are energetic and enlighten beings who strive to help us liberate ourselves. Humanistic Buddhism places strong emphasis on making Buddhism relevant in contemporary society by bringing it into all aspects of our daily lives.

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Yusuf & Lynne

( South Africa )

4:55 pm

Desert Rose Singing

Desert Rose, based in South Africa, was founded in 2000 and are widely regarded as pioneers in Universal sacred World Music. The multicultural duo, Lynne and Yusuf, have to date produced 19 albums and toured internationally to more than 20 countries since 2013, performing at major events for peace, non violence, interfaith and climate change conferences. Their multifaith and multilingual compositions includes Sanskrit, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Hindi, Gurmukhi, French, Spanish, Latin, Xhosa and N|uu (Ancient Bushmen language).  In 2013 they became part of the UN Interfaith Initiative for COP19 in Warsaw and teamed up with the Brahma Kumaris COP team to perform in Peru (2014), France (2015) and Morocco (2016). Their music has been described as epic and uplifting, allowing the listener to access their inner world, facilitating transformation and raising consciousness. 

Public’s chance to Chant Share Sing  

Paul Luftenegger


5:15 pm

Paul Luftenegger Singing

Paul Luftenegger is an International Multi Award Winning Singer/ Songwriter/ Composer who writes conscious music to inspire and promote global love and kindness from within.  Paul’s focus is growing and nurturing self-worth within the listener.  Paul is a leader in his new genre of music he calls ‘Conscious Healing Music’ to empower the listener’s heart and soul to thrive. Paul has been invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City 3 times to speak and sing his conscious music for The International Day of Yoga, The International Day of Women, and The International Day of Peace.  In 2017 Paul helped 2000 people in need receive free hearing aids in Vietnam. Paul’s song Diamond Light won the ‘Honourable Mention Award’ from the USA (International) Songwriting Competition in 2013 and the album of the same name, the Top 10 Award in London, by the London Free Press.  Paul is in the process of releasing his 7th album titled “SEEDS OF PEACE” funded by his worldwide fans.  His music is being used in classrooms to help children understand the importance of self-love and self-kindness.

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( U.K )

5:30 pm

Pehrr Singing

Pehrr is a 16 year old professionally trained Pianist, Singer, Actor, Choreographer, Various Art Form Dancer in Bharatnatyam, Ballet and Tap, Singing.She has completed her training achieving highest grades and has already won various accolades through her dance, singing and piano performances. In 2019, Pehrr not only walked away as the winner of Miss Teen Earth United Kingdom and Northern Ireland but was also awarded Hair and Beauty Award as well. She has performed at National Theatre in Behind the Beautiful forevers with Meera Syal and BBC TV series – “Press”, to name a few. She has co-founded a small charity, Eyebless, based in India (helps to cure newborn babies from blindness). She has also supported Cancer Research UK, Greenfingers’s Charity. She is currently raising money for MIND, RMBF through her dance and music sessions.

Public’s chance to Chant Share Sing  

Govinda Priya & Luke 

( U.K )

5:50 pm

Govinda Priya and

Luke Whicker Singing

Govinda Priya grew up in the French Hare Krishna community and practicing the tradition of Kirtan ( devotional chanting ) from childhood , she spent many years in India learning the classical music form. 
Paired up with her husband Luke , a talented British guitarist and singer songwriter in his own band , they will share timeless devotional poems from the Holy land of Vrindavan mixing traditional melodies with western jazz influences.They are due to release an album later in the year.

Thank You 

6.00 pm



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