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Sunday 19th September 2021

U.S.A 9 am till 2 pm EDT

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East Africa 4 pm till 9 pm EAT

Mauritius  5 pm till 10 pm MST

India 6.30 pm till 11.30 pm IST 

Hong Kong  9 pm till 2 am HKST

(All times are in BST(British Summer Time))

Saivani Samboo


2:00 pm

Host Introduction 

Saivani Shanker Samboo

Saivani Shankar Samboo is a child psychologist, using music therapy as a method of counselling. She is the Founder Director of EHV S.T.A.R. Academy, where EHV stands for Education in Human Values and S.T.A.R. means Student Training in Attitude and Responsibility 
Saivani is the founder as well as lead singer of The Swaraagini Spiritual Orchestra, promoting values, culture, tradition and aspiration through music. Having a spiritual background as well as professional experiences, Saivani has been inspired a lot by her mother, who emphasised on helping others in need, especially family and children physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
She was awarded the Women of Year Mauritius  (100 Women of Mauritius) title 2018 and Top 10 Influential Women in the Indian Ocean 2019.
Saivani has worked with kids, adolescents, youngsters and parents in her consultancy, whereby transformation and positive has been observed, creating a more harmonious atmosphere in the family.  She has trained teachers, youngsters and students and parents, through human value based and psychological perspectives.
Her motto is Born to Serve and it’s a habit on her every birthday to be of service to others!

Dr Ama Lia Wai Ching


2:00 pm

Rev. Dr. Ama Lia Wai Ching

Conscious Cuisine with the Rose 🌹

Rev Dr , Ama Lia Wai Ching is a mystic healer of both parental lineage , and is a practitioner in Integrative Medicine. Her love for nature and affinity with plants started when she was 5 , running in the fields and farms in Penang, Malaysia , eating the wild herbs and knocking down fruit from trees. She works in Integrative Medicine with medical doctors. Founder of  InfinityQuantum Qi Gong, and Associate Producer of Quantum Qi Documentary.

Dr Ama Lia joined the Nature Society and has been in Organic, Permaculture and Biodynamic movement in all the places she has lived in, growing and buying locally, and experimenting with recipes. She loves all flowers but one of favourite is ithe Rose as she relate to the Legend of the Rosa Mystica as a symbol flower of Mother Mary

As a healer she use aromatherapy and has created Rose flower essence for her clients, especially in times of stress bereavement and passing.

Today, she is going to show how she works with edilble flowers and offers suggestions how to work with roses , eg with Rose Jam, and a savoury rose sauce inspired by the Book , Like Water Like Chocolate.


Mohammadbagher Rezaee


2:00 pm

Mohammadbagher Rezaee

Rosa damascena and Profile of Iranian Natural Products

Mohammadbagher Rezaee obtained his Ph.D. in Phyto-chemistry from India (NS. Institute). He has experience of more than 28 years in teaching, research and the herbal industry. He is currently a Professor of Phyto-chemistry, Research Associate, and Co-Investigator of the university and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on herbs. He also worked full time as a scientist in the M.P. department of Research Institute Forests and Rangelands (RIFR)-Tehran-IRAN. He was awarded 3 national awards, as an example, the “Razi research festival on medicinal sciences” award for excellent work in the “Medicinal plants as natural products and their biological uses” field. He has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of some national and international journals including herbs and their essential oils. He has published 8 books in the Persian language and two chapters in English abroad, nearly 200 papers in reputed journals, and supervised 25 Ph.D. and more than 60 in MSc., Now he is on duty at the Union Medicinal Plants of Iran (Chairman, UMPI) and Iranian Medicinal Plants Society (Board member, IMPS).

3:00 pm


Seema Bhatia


3:00 pm

Seema Bhatia

( in conversation with  Alisha)

East African Inspired Indian Recipes

Seema Bhatia was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her culinary interests began at an early age founded on a family food business. Seema’s passion along with her extensive travels in Asia have allowed her to follow her culinary passion and grow her knowledge on food as medicine.

A narrow strip tucked away at between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea of India the Konkan region is a sight to behold with stunning beaches, ancient forts, and some of the best food India has to offer. Stretching from Thane in Maharashtra to Mangalore in Karnataka, Konkani cuisine draws its influences the cuisines Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka cuisine. In this session Seema will be combining a touch of her East African heritage and marrying it with Southern Inspired Indian dishes. She will also be showing us how to make the vegan alternative to Kenya’s popular dessert the Falooda.  

1. A traditional Mangalorean Ambe Upkari- tangy and sweetish curry made with ripe mangoes, jaggery and green chillies. 
2. Matoke or raw bananas are a raw staple around East Africa. In this recipe Seema will demonstrate a comforting raw banana and spinach dish that’s all peppered up with Southern Indian spices perfect to get you all warmed up for the upcoming colder months. 

3. Falooda – an Indian version of a cold dessert made with noodles that is also extremely popular in her home country Kenya. Falooda has its origins from the Persian dish faloodeh. Traditionally Falooda it is made by mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, and sweet basil seeds with milk and often served with ice cream. In this session Seema will show us how to make a healthy vegan alternative to the traditional Falooda she enjoyed during her years in Kenya


Alisha Jain


3:00 pm

Alisha Jain

( in conversation with Seema Bhatia)

Sprouted Moong Bean Salad

Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, Alisha moved to London at 16 years old and has been passionate about creating recipes and cooking since she was a little girl. At 22 years old she is now a psychology masters graduate and is passionate about wellbeing both mentally and physically, and is therefore using her vegan social media page to promote healthy living, mostly through her recipes! 
Alisha has been vegan for just over a year and has dived into her Indian roots and started learning the health benefits of using nature and plants as her source of medicine, using naturopathic and Ayurvedic teachings. She also started learning about Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide to alkaline eating and how a lot of his teachings correlate with ancient Ayurvedic teachings. 
In this session Alisha will engage with Seema. Alisha will be demonstrating how to make a magical sprouted salad with her tips


Sharron Rose



5:00 pm


Sharron Rose

Sharron Rose, M.A. Ed., president of Sacred Mysteries Productions, is a filmmaker, choreographer, composer, author and teacher. As a scholar in world dance, music and religion, her training and research includes ballet, modern dance, Kathak, Middle Eastern, Flamenco and African dance. She is also known for her unique reconstruction of the dance, music and ritual of Ancient Egypt. She has received grants and awards for her work including a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship to conduct extensive research into the art, culture and spiritual traditions of North India where she became the first American disciple of Kathak Queen Sitara Devi.

Sharron loves cooking and entertaining guests at home regularly. She will sharing her tips and a recipe too.


Bikram Vaidya


6:00 pm

Chef Bikram Vaidya

Newa Kitchen-Vegan Chatamari

Chef Bikram Vaidya was born and raised in Ason, Kathmandu. He spent years in the tourism and hospitality business before starting a culinary career.
His hospitality training started in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from Western Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu, he worked at renowned restaurants and hotels with top chefs. Since then, he has been following the path of farm-to-table.
He traveled around the world, studying international culture and cuisine with chefs and locals and working with farmers. His teaching career began with Nepalese Women’s Organization, then Western
Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu, and lastly, Oregon Culinary Institute, where he taught Fundamental of cuisine and flavors of the world.
He is currently following his family’s belief of Ayurveda, “Food as medicine,” by teaching classes at various public events and giving lectures on food and spices.

Chatamari wo bhutiwala–Plain Rice Crepes with a black eyed beans.
In classical Newari, “chatam bhajan,” meaning “quick food,” is the name of the flat frying pan. Chatamari may be named after the pan, though it takes time to prepare. In Newari spiritual context, chatamari represents the full moon. This particular bread is a must-have during ritual ceremonies such as Degu puja, Sithi Nakha, Guthi puja, Dishi puja, and especially during the Pahchare Chariot Festival in Ason in Kathmandu. In the Newar community in Ason tole, people welcome spring by throwing chatamari from their roof tops. Upon consecrating a new temple, a bucket-full of chatamari is thrown from the top of the temple to celebrate.

Rice batter or dough is prepared by mixing rice flour with water. Rice does not contain gluten. Adding hot water results in a softer batter, and it dries out quickly and holds shape. When making the batter,
consistency and texture will vary depending on the type of rice used and on how finely ground it is. Most families use short-grain rice (Tai-chine jaki) which is soaked overnight, drained, and then ground in a stone grinder or in a blender. Some people use hulled urad dal mixed with rice flour to make the batter.
There are a couple of benefits to adding urad dal; it acts as a binder and also forms a full protein with the rice.


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