Global WELLNESS Session

Sunday 10th May 2020

11:00 am to 6:00 pm BST    |     03:30 pm to 10:00 pm IST

All times below were in BST ( British Summer Time )

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Dr. Milen Shah


11:00 am

Introduction to Global WELLNESS Session 

Dr. Milen Shah

Team welcomes the Globe to join the Global WELLNESS Session.

Dr. Milen Shah – is a NHS doctor for many years and is a GP Partner in a large practice in London serving a variety of patients. He follows up a range of long term patients from children, teens, adults, with a particular interest in elderly and end-of-life care. From a spiritual background, the work is deemed as “seva” (service) with an emphasis on communication skills with compassion and understanding.

Archana Boga 


11:10 am

Take care of your eyes!

Archana Boga

Archana Boga is an Optometrist that graduated from The Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry, L.V.Prasad Eye Institiute, India with a great foundation in clinical skills. She then qualified with an MC Optom from the UK and provided eyecare services around Glasgow.

 Following this, she pursued to fulfil her dream of doing research at the renowned School of Optometry and Vision Science at UNSW. Her journey into research started with a question that popped up during her clinical practice “Why are women more prone to dry eye”. Her doctoral thesis focused on understanding the role of oestrogen in dry eye symptoms in women in an attempt to improve women’s eye health.

 Archana’s strong passion for combining research and clinical practice have been the drive for exploring both aspects of Optometry.

Darren Pereira


11:30 am

The secret to shifting your perspective & creating an abundant & happy life – Darren Pereira

Darren Pereira began his career at the largest accounting firm in the world. Pushing himself to the limit, Darren became depressed & realised accounting was not his life’s calling. He went on a path of self discovery, delving deeply into personal & spiritual development. He discovered that he was born to inspire people to live a meaningfully, purposefully & authentically. He is now the Founding Director & CEO of Success Integrated and has inspired nearly 1/2 million people across 4 countries, over 20 years. He was worked with world leading organisations like Mercedes Benz, Cadbury & Melbourne University & is considered to be one of the most in-demand, charismatic & energetic speakers in the world. He has a unique style that is naturally engaging & humorous and his deep insights & practical advice leave his audience inspired to make powerful shifts in their lives.

Shreya Udipi

(Mumbai, India)

12:00 pm

There is Plenty for all

 Shreya Udipi

Shreya Udipi; a Holistic Healer, a ‘PSYCH-K’ FACILITATOR & a ‘HEAL YOUR LIFE’ COACH. As always, moving ahead resolutely… with incredible passion & a fiery vision in her heart.

Her area of interest is LOVE, as a force of reconciliation and repair. She trusts that the ability to love your own self is the greatest find out there. You find it in a jingbang of emotions—a deeper than deep breath… a happy moist eye, perhaps. It’s really rediscovery; we don’t journey out for it, we go in. Such love makes us kinder, more charitable versions of ourselves. No more the victims, we become winners.

Shreya believes that there’s PLENTY for ALL in the ABUNDANCE of THE UNIVERSE. EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE. LIFE is FULL of MIRACLES. She asks, “What if the big, limitless is our reality, not our own size within it?’’



Jigar Gala

( Mumbai )

12:25 pm

Dental Concepts

Jigar Gala

Jigar Gala is among the first qualified Dental Implantologist in India to have a Masters Degree in Implant Dentistry from the prestigious UCL-Eastman Dental Institute, London. He practises exclusive Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry and lectures in India and Abroad focussing on the latest trends in Implants. He is also a member of International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Fellow of Royal Society of Public Health, Life Member of Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry and an active member of Indian Society of Oral Implantology. Jigar Gala is also a visiting Consultant at various other Dental Clinics and hospitals focussing on Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. He has clinics in Mumbai and Nairobi and is a senior consultant at Lilavati Hospital and Research center, Mumbai

Dr. Nikolaos Kostopoulos

( Greece )

12:45 pm

Lifestyle Stress & Nutrition

Dr. Nikolaos Kostopoulos

Dr. Nikolaos Kostopoulos was introduced to Ayurveda by Vaidya Asvin Barot and, in collaboration with him, he practiced privately in Harley street in London (UK) for 10 years combining Ayurveda and modern medicine.  He established the Holistic Health Centre in Athens in 1999.

In addition to running his medical practice, Dr. Kostopoulos is involved in ongoing research within the field of psychosomatic disease and stress management through Ayurveda.

He is a member of the Editorial Review Board of JAIM (Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. He regularly participates in International conferences and has given lectures in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and India promoting a modern, scientific approach to Ayurveda.

Dr. Satnam Singh and Dr. Harveen Kaur

(Punjab, India)

1:10 pm

Building immunity with Ayurveda

Dr. Satnam Singh and Dr. Harveen Kaur

Dr. Satnam Singh and Dr. Harveen Kaur lead an eminent chain of ayurvedic allergy hospitals in India (Arogyam allergy hospital). They have experience of treating the maximum number of patients with Corona like symptoms with ayurvedic medicines in India. They are pioneers in treating allergies with ayurvedic medicines and lifestyle management in India and abroad. They have made a variety of ayurvedic medicines useful in allergic rhinitis, Sinusitis, hay fever, Asthma, allergic cough, allergic bronchitis. They have done remarkable work in skin allergies like Psoriasis, Urticaria, Eczema, and Fungal skin allergies. Ayurveda and its role in treating various food allergies is also a vast expertise of them.

This Arogyam couple has presented their research on various national and international platforms. They have been awarded various awards and invited as Speakers to discuss the role of ayurvedic medicines in treating various types of respiratory, skin, and food allergies.

Dhruv Chhatralia


1:35 pm

Empowering the Mind through Yoga

Dhruv Chhatralia

Dhruv Chhatralia BEM is an international mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a global law firm based in the City of London, author of 21 books on Yoga and he has given over 340 public talks of over 350 hours between them on Yoga that are watched in over 161 countries around the world, with over 400,000 views on YouTube and over 320,000 fans on facebook.

He has spoken on Yoga at the British Army, House of Commons, House of Lords, Home Office, the Ministry of Defence, the Metropolitan Police, BT, PricewaterhouseCoopers, EY, Nomura International Bank, Barclays Bank, Macquarie Bank Group, EDF Energy, State Bank of India, CMS Cameron McKenna, Mayer Brown and many other organisations.

Dr. Reena Kotecha


2:00 pm

Mindfully managing fear and anxiety 

Dr Reena Kotecha

Medical Doctor, Organisational Consultant, TEDx & International Public Speaker

Reena is a medical physician trained at Imperial College London, UK, where she specialised in neuroscience and mental wellbeing research. She now applies her expertise to deliver individual and organisational effectiveness solutions in high performance work settings.

To date Reena has delivered talks, workshops and courses across the following sectors; Healthcare, Computing & Technology, Construction & Manufacturing, Education, Management Consulting, Financial, Legal and The Armed Forces.

Ishwar Sharma



2:30 pm

Yoga  prodigy 

Ishwar Sharma 

Ishwar Sharma is a 10 year old Yoga Prodigy and an International performer and International Speaker on Yoga and its benefits. He has won world yoga championships 3 times in Nepal, Canada and Bulgaria. He has been awarded Global child prodigy award 2020 and , British Indian of the year 2018. British Government has honoured him with British youth Citizen award. He has passion to include yoga and meditation in national school curriculum and even started an epetition to the UK Government. He loves teaching yoga to kids in particular to special needs children.


Renu  Gidoomal



2:45 pm

Tribute to All Mothers Everywhere

Renu Gidoomal  


Today is Mother’s Day in about 21 countries including the USA, Canada, China, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.
Healing our Earth would like to pay a heartfelt  tribute to all the glorious, hard-working, unconditionally loving Mothers everywhere! Wishing you all a very HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!We have utmost respect for all that you do 24/7 … you love and simply GIVE GIVE GIVE!  Thank You!
And what about the greatest Mother upon which we all depend: Mother Earth. With her mountains and valleys;  Oceans and Streams; Birds and Animals… Let us hear Her Voice now,  singing to us as a woman crying, a grieving mother, a pleading sister. What is Mother Earth’s message to us on this Mother’s Day?

Tune in to find out …….

Dr. Ashok Kumar



Ayurveda and Human Health in the 21 st Century

 Dr. Ashok Kumar

Dr Ashok Kumar is an experienced Ayurvedic medicine physician and director of Dr Ashok’s Ayurveda Medical Group. The group is dedicated to making Ayurveda healthcare available to all.

Dr Ashok is renowned for his specialist clinical knowledge and experience. He has shared this on a number of plaforms including British and Asian radio and TV shows, House of Lords, UK and various conferences around the globe. Alongside his clinical practice, Dr Ashok runs an academy with bases in the UK and Cyprus.

Dr Ashok worked as the vice-president of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA), the professional body for qualified Ayurvedic practitioners in the UK, and sits on the board of the Ayurvedic and Unani System of Medicine in Haryana, India.


Eralp Caner 

( Turkey )

3:20 pm

Stress wastes your resources which your immune system needs to protect you!

Learn your mind.

Eralp Caner

Eralp Caner is a founder and director of the Healing Hall Holistic Clinic in Istanbul and serves as the general secretary of the Life without Cancer Society of Turkey.
He is a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and Facilitator, who has worked with over a thousand clients throughout the world. His focus is Psycho-energetics and Neuroscience, specifically, teaching and facilitating Subconscious Mind Change. His services are highly sought out by individuals as well as corporate clients.
He is also a Diploma Level Domancic Bioenergy Therapist, certified Reconnective Healing and Reconnection practitioner, and OSHO Constellation Therapist, among others.

Simran Ahuja

( Mumbai , India )

3:40 pm

Feel Energised  

Simran Ahuja

Feel energised with Simran Ahuja.. Titled Ms India 2013, she recently had her debut Film in Bollywood, ZindagiTumse. She’s an international Celebrity Anchor, having been associated with the prestigious IIFA Awards, FILMFARE, OSCARS Academy etc. She’s the recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Anchor par excellence.

Qualified Masters in Finance and Doctorate in Nature Cure and Alternate Medicines, she’s conducted workshops across the globe at Zurich, Rome, Singapore, Srilanka, India etc. She’s been the Cultural Ambassador of Folk Dance, having won 18 consecutive Folk Dance titles in India and America.

Kam Patel 

( U.K )

4:05 pm

Covid 19 impact on Domestic Violence


Kam Patel 

Kam Patel Principal lawyer at Kayson Solicitors has over 25 years’ experience in  law. Her firm, Kayson Solicitors specialises in Property, Family, Employment, Civil Litigation and Immigration law.


She was previously employed as in-house lawyer within the local government dealing with domestic violence, child abuse, and international abduction of children.  She has extensive experience in divorce, children contact, international abduction and adoption.  She deals, daily with clients who have been impacted by domestic violence,  drug abuse and/or mental health issues.


Although her offices are based in Waltham Abbey Essex, her clients come from all over the country. 


Heather Mason



4:25 pm

The efficacy of certain breathing techniques for pulmonary health and anxiety management

Heather Mason

Heather is the founder of The Minded Institute a world leader in yoga therapy education.  She holds graduate education in neuroscience, physiology, psychotherapy, and co-authored the book Yoga in Mental Health, a core text for yoga and mental health professionals, which looks at the interface between these fields and yoga.  Devoted to bringing yoga practices to those in need, Heather founded the Yoga in Health Care Alliance and works towards yoga’s integration of yoga into the NHS at both the policy and grassroots level.  Heather is also the secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Yoga in Society.
Breathing practices for strengthening the lungs and reducing anxiety.
Heather will give a brief 5 minute talk on the efficacy of certain breathing techniques for pulmonary health and anxiety management followed by a guided practice.

Prashant Kotecha


4:50 pm

Winning Strategies for Versatility During


Prashant Kotecha

Prash Is an international wellbeing and mindset coach, speaker, Podcast Host and social media influencer, who is the Founder of Urban Spirituality, Mantra Therapy and StressToSuccess

He has worked with global corporates and community spiritual organizations over the past 25+ years.

Dr Lalit Sodha

( UK )

5:10 pm

Chiropractor’s Tips

Dr Lalit Sodha

Lalit Sodha, D.C. graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Canada in 1990. With 20 years of clinical experience in private practice, he has had the opportunity to work with different chiropractors and treat patients with a variety of conditions. 

Lalit Sodha, D.C. had the privilege of working at the prestigious Hale Clinic, Regents Park, London W1, for five years with a team of very specialised complimentary care practitioners. 

He also qualified with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego in the Masters Program in Whiplash Injuries (1994), hence has a keen interest in treating patients with whiplash injuries. Lalit Sodha, D.C. also prepares medical-legal reports for insurance companies and their patients.

Lalit Sodha, D.C. uses the Diversified Technique and treats all areas of the spine and the joints of the body. He also uses the Activator Method. He lectures on the spine and how to maintain a healthy spine.

He has been a guest speaker at groups and associations such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club and Round Table.

Over the years, he has had the privilege of treating numerous singers, dancers and performers at Wembley Arena before and after performances.

Deepali Mehta

( Oman )

5:25 pm

Art of letting go 

Deepali Mehta

Deepali Mehta is the founder of Muscat Energy Healing Centre in Oman, which specialises in training in the areas of pranic healing and meditation. She is a certified instructor and healer.
Deepali has a passion for teaching and believes that positivity can bring constructive changes in a person leading to the betterment of society. Deepali has carried out various workshops, meditations and spiritual retreats, including corporate lectures that highlights and stresses the importance of stress management and mind body balance. Through Muscat Energy Healing Centre, which she founded in the year 2010, she aims to spread and ensure complete wellness in people’s life and making them understand the power of healing and
power within them. Deepali also believes each one of us need to give back to society and serve humanity, she has been associated with various charity work.
Her mantra in life is
“Be the Light ,Love and power to Humanity “

Dr Shamender  Talwar

( UK )

5:45 pm

Managing Depression

Dr Shamender  Talwar

 Dr.Shamender Talwar is a social psychologist who has supported many governments, organizations worldwide, with his unique approach to human behavior.He has introduced many programs supporting youth in community cohesion and integration through education in human values as the Co founder of Global charity TUFF. He created the Life Boards project for the NHS, which is used to help patients with Mental health and dementia.Winner of the British Indian of the year 2016 and Pride of Britain Sports award 2015. Recently he was chosen in the Top 100 Global Indians of the decade by the Indian Government

6:00 pm

Conclusion and Goodbyes from

Healing Our Earth Team


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