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Seema Bhatia


2.00 pm

Host Welcome

Seema Bhatia

Seema was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her culinary interests developed at an early age founded on a family food business. Extensive travels in Africa, India and South East Asia have allowed her to follow her culinary passion and grow her knowledge on the effects of food on the mind and body. Using secret skills handed down from grandmother to granddaughter with the belief that you are what you eat she draws from the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Mayan wisdom, curating healing spice blends, immunity enhancing yogic teas, self care prescriptions and other wellbeing foods. Ones thought process and method breathing  can positively or negatively impact ones mental and physical health. Seema is a qualified Breath, Water & Sound teacher with The Art of Living.
Her intertwine of diet, breath work, meditation and self care prescriptions nourish the mind, body and soul and put one on a journey of greater wellbeing allowing one to live their  life to the fullest. Seema has successfully shared her skills and knowledge with corporates and individuals over many years in Hong Kong and Singapore and is now based in Oxford.
Seema  is passionate about  music and dance and she enjoys producing and hosting kitchen episodes.

Dr Rushali Nair


2.05 pm

Dr Rushali Nair

Healthy Women

Ayurveda Perspective

Dr Rushali is a meritorious alumna of the prestigious RA Poddar Ayurvedic College, Mumbai, with a master’s degree in Kayachikita (Ayurvedic Internal Medicine) and an ardent Ayurvedic practitioner since 2002.She is trained in a very special method of ‘Ravana Nadi Pariksha’ (pulse diagnosis) and has successfully performed more than 700 Nadi Parikshas in 5 years.
Rushali  is the founder of ‘Vedang Clinic’, a premium Ayurvedic treatment centre in Mumbai, which specializes in Panchakarma services for the past 15 years. She has conducted seminars on ‘Ayurveda & Spirituality’ in France and UAE.
As humanity struggles to cope with this pandemic, medical science of Ayurveda, shows us the way to boost our immune system as well as to improve our physical and mental fitness by a combination of lifestyle practices, healthy food and holistic treatment. 


Panel Chat and Summary

Dr Amarjit Kaur


 Dr Amarjit Kaur


Amarjit Kaur Doowa, from Thailand, an educator her whole life, is currently doing her PhD in Ayur Yoga: Counseling and Total Wellness, and has been practising and guiding experiential meditation, for the past 25 years. She has been a Sikh religious leader and speaker at religious institutes worldwide (in all continents) and conducted youth and family programs/camps for over 25 years. She has translated the “Jap ji Sahib” from the Sikh scriptures into poetic English. She has been a speaker representative for inner & world peace, & climate change issues in UN, URI and Brahma Kumaris, and served hands on, in world disasters through the United Sikhs and as an individual she continuously serves to educate the Slum children in Thailand and India. She conducts sessions for empowering women and men all over the world, and does private counseling too. She has over 100 Television program sessions aired. She is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Thai.

Deepti Kataria


3.00 pm

Deepti Kataria

Emotional & Mental Self Care

Deepti is an Electrical Engineering graduate, and  is the first female president of Indian Community of Egypt. She is reader of various ancient Indic scriptures .
Deepti is fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit, English and Arabic and used to be the physics head of department in Cairo. She has been a resident of Egypt for over 21 years. 
She has published her papers on various international platforms (including South Africa / India).
Being a mathematician and science enthusiast she has regularly been  invited as a public speaker  in Universities and on Egyptian National TV.

Honey Kalaria


3.45 pm

Host Welcome

Dr Honey Kalaria

Dr. Kalaria is a multi-award winning  dance professional, media presenter and mind-body-soul expert, offering online training and coaching to global audiences to help develop  creative hobbies and performing arts careers, providing education and inspiration through “Power Of Creative Arts” online news site and empowering audiences through “Keys To Life Mastery” interviews.

Honey’s achievements include receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Arts & Best Bollywood International Artist Award, Advisory Member of the National Dance Council; Ambassador to the Duke Of Edinburgh Award. 

Website: www.honeykalariaofficial.com

Dr Amrita Sharma


3.45 pm

Dr Amrita Sharma

Self Love as part of Self Care

Dr Amrita Sharma did her Bachelors in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS)and MD (Ayurvedic Materia medica).Her interest in studies took her back to explore more on alternative medicine, acupuncture, Alternative therapies, naturopathy, and courses on food and nutrition. 
She is registered with Yoga Alliance for e-500 hrs and YACEP. She has trained thousands of students from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Europe, Russia, Chile, Israel, Argentina, Bolivia, Uganda, South Africa, UAE, Dubai, Thailand, Philippines, Poland and India.
She has more than fifteen years of clinical and teaching
experience in field of yoga, Ayurveda and holistic healing therapies.
Dr Sharma has presented paper and moderated numerous national and international conferences. Through her radio talks and podcasts she has shared her experiences, wellbeing tips and
lifestyle leads in day to day life through yoga, Ayurveda, and holistic health care. 
Presently she is working as Assistant professor in Ayurvedic College, India.She is an diligent social worker and assiduous environmentalist associated with NGO’s offering wellbeing programs for community service.

Hansa Pankhania


4.30 pm

Hansa Pankhania

5 Simple steps to

Maximum Wellbeing

Hansa Pankhania is an Author of Self-help books for adults and children available on Amazon and through her website. 
She is a Speaker and Founder of AUM WELLBEING CONSULTANCY which offers personal and corporate wellbeing solutions.
In her books, STRESS TO SUCCESS IN 28 DAYS and STRESS TO SUCCESS STORIES, she is passionate about sharing natural wellbeing techniques which are cost free, easy-to-implement but nourish your body, mind, and soul in powerful ways.
 Her CHAKRAJI CHILDRENS RELAXATION SERIES OF BOOKS passes natural wellbeing tips to primary age children using colourful illustrations.
She has also published her memoir BEST OF THREE WORLDS about being born in Kenya as a British subject of Indian origin and the fusion of three histories and cultures. She is currently writing a sequel, BEST OF ONE WORLD – my 50 steps to a sustainable, meaningful, and joyful life, which will be published in October 2023.

5.15 pm

Panel Chat and Summary



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