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Dr. Lalit Sodha 



2:00 pm

Dr Lalit Sodha

Host Introduction and Welcome

Lalit Sodha, D.C. graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Canada in 1990.He also qualified with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego in the Masters Program in Whiplash Injuries (1994), hence has a keen interest in treating patients with whiplash injuries. Lalit Sodha, D.C. also prepares medical-legal reports for insurance companies and their patients.

Over the years, he has had the privilege of treating numerous singers, dancers and performers at Wembley Arena before and after performances.

Master Dr. Kamal


2:05 pm

Dr. Suresh Kamal Srinivas

(Master Kamal )

 Yoga Ritual to Empower Life

Sri Srinivas Suresh Kamal (fondly called as Master Kamal), South Indian born, is one such Yoga Master who has mastered different styles of Yoga since age 5 i.e., Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Himalayan meditation and Philosophy of Yoga. He also has mastered in various martial arts (he is a 5Dan Black Belt) and various fitness sciences. He was initiated into the Himalayan Tradition Lineage by his Master Maha Mandaleswara Swami Veda Bharati of the Himalayas.

Kamal’s success in establishing Yoga in Asia has him honored in a book ‘ the Great Indian Yoga Masters ‘ that was launched in London in 2002 ,as one of the 8 Top Indian Yoga Masters in the World.

Website: www.kriyoga.com

Sandeep Kale


2:40 noon

Sandeep Kale

Yoga and Mallakhamb

Sandeep is from Mumbai, India and currently in Germany He uses a lot of strength, plastic and yoga flexibility, mixing the old, traditional Mallakhamb technique with new, contemporary style movement.
Sandeep started to train Mallakhamb at a very young age. His older brother was his inspiration and introduced him to this old Indian tradition, which is the national sport in India.

Sandeep has been participating in Flic Flac circus tour for more than 3 years. And his Indian reality show & Bollywood choreographer.

Dr. Kalpana Karia 


3:20 pm

Dr. Kalpana Karia 

 Aerial Yoga and Breath Workout

Dr. Karia is a philanthropist, radiographer, business lady, author and a dynamic yoga teacher who was one of the first ladies to bring about the awareness of yoga in Kenya through the local television, Voice of Kenya, and till date continues to train teachers and teach thousands of students worldwide through International Alliance Yoga. The pandemic has opened a new chapter for her as she takes up her passion for teaching to a new level and does online certification courses on yoga, Bhagvat Geeta and alternative medicine.
In 2001, Dr. Karia started a home and education center – “Little Gokul” which uplifted over 200 street children and orphans.
During the recent pandemic, she distributed thousands of masks and hand sanitizers to the needy and still continues to do the same
Dr. Karia has received various awards worldwide, RatanHind in 2016, Philanthroic overseas British citizen award at House of Lords UK, Super brain of yoga talk and presentation,international Ayush conference in Dubai, and many more.

Website: www.yogaforhealth.co.ke

Deepa Vithlani



4:00 pm


Deepa Vithlani

Deepa Vithlani, a primary school teacher and entrepreneur, has been teaching in Brent Primary schools since 2006. Her linguistic background includes French, German and Italian. In addition to teaching, she has a part time business committed to helping families save money, which she works around while taking care of her two young children.

Deepa embarked on a holistic and spiritual journey 15 years ago after experiencing the incredible benefits of Reiki healing. She was inspired to work on her personal development and is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.

Gayeetree Samboo


4:05 pm

Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo

Universal Light Meditation 

Mrs Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo – MSK is the Founder Director of the Indian Ocean Centre for Education in Human Values. Graduated in Performing Arts, Postgraduation in the field of Values Based Education, Youth Leadership & Human Excellence, Airline Customer Care & Excellence, Media & Broadcasting, author, composer choreographer, actor & lyricist. 
She has written and produced several Values Based, teaching and learning resources materials /posters /brochures manuals / books, CDs/short movie and TV clips. 
Gayeetree has participated in various panels of Training, policy making, curriculum development for the National Youth Excellence Award at Ministry levels & Authorities.  She was nominated as executive member of the UNA – United Nations Associations – Mauritius. She is an International Resource person in the field of Value Based Education and Dynamic Parenting and has provided consultancy and training in Integral & Holistic Approach to Education in several countries including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Thailand, London, Oman, Madagascar, Hong Kong and Switzerland.
Her Motto Is Born to Serve! 

Aleksandra Horwood


4:40 pm

Aleksandra Horwood

Yoga for Energy 

Aleksandra is a versatile journalist with multi-national experience in media and corporate world, who decided to turn her passion, yoga and meditation, into a full-blown profession. She opened her first yoga school in Stuttgart, Germany. Nevertheless, she decided she needs more training in meditation and spent the following 12 years in the south of France accomplishing a strict 3-year retreat in a Tibetan Buddhist tradition, where she is receiving many teachings from great teachers, like Dalai Lama and others. She moved to London in 2017 and founded Happy Stance Yoga Therapy and cofounded Pause to Breathe, bringing the therapeutic values of yoga and meditation to those who were often left deprived of its benefits, through a lack of information, financial resources, or confidence.
To book individual, group, corporate or bespoke classes contact info@aleksandrahorwood.com or 

Sister Jayanti


5:40 pm

Sister Jayanti 

Raja Yoga Masterclass

As Director of Brahma Kumaris (BK) for Europe and the Middle East and a spiritual leader and teacher for 50 years, Sister Jayanti has dedicated her life to self-transformation and service to humanity.  Brahma Kumaris is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) of the United Nations, accredited with General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and Sister Jayanti has been the organisation’s representative to the UN in Geneva since 1982, She has championed the co-operative role of spiritual organisations in creating a just and peaceful world. She has brought spiritual principles to the discussion tables of politicians, economists, business leaders, scientists and nearly every stakeholder of our times. Sister Jayanti sees the erosion of spiritual values as the underlying cause of the crises that the world is facing today.


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Host Conclusion

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